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the most effective prayer advised by RasulAllah Mohammed (peace be upon him) to be practiced on a daily basis.
Start practicing zikr today, you will soon see how your world changed!
“Zikr” is not a way of mentioning or worshipping a god out-there, but is a way of unfolding the qualities within us which belong to Haqq in origin. When we are praying, we are not asking help

from a god afar off, but we are manifesting the qualities from within ourselves which belonged to Allah in origin. 
Whether you believe or not, when you practice zikr regularly for a period of time, its benefits will manifest automatically before long and you will observe the changes in your life. Because, the repetition of zikr words increases neural activity in the brain and new areas and additional neural groups are put to action and the results manifest simultaneously in your daily life . When the zikr is practiced, different regions and dormant neural groups of the brain engages and becomes active, so THE WORKING CAPACITY OF THE BRAIN INCREASES. 
Here is a list of zikr suggested by Author Ahmed Hulusi for everyone to be practiced regularly on a daily basis. You will be able to observe its benefits in your life in about three months by the latest.

(Taken from the book —MOHAMMED’S ALLAH)
The “Deen” did not come to establish sovereignty over the earth but to establish sovereignty over life beyond death. Or as Hazrat ISA  put it, “to reach the Kingdom of Heavens.” This is only possible for a person if he comes to enter within his own reality.
No doubt, it is our brains that will enable us to attain such a consciousness.
The higher the level we use our brains and appreciate, the more the benefits we attain.
At that degree we will have an ability to think comprehensively, reach an objective point of view, reinforce our spiritual power and reach a broader capacity to know “ALLAH.”
But how will we be able to improve (develop) our brains?
As we have already discussed it in our book entitled “DUA and ZIKR” broadly, this can be achieved through the practice known as “ZIKR!”
The only key for a person to reach all this is “ZIKR.”
As a detailed information of its mechanism is already available in our book entitled “MYSTERIES OF HUMAN,” now, I will give only a brief summary of it.
We can understand “Zikr” simply as the repetition of particular names of “ALLAH” or as the recitation of some prayers.
In the second sense, “Zikr” refers to remembering, mentioning and meditating.
In a superior dimension “zikr” is known as persisting, dwelling on a subject to the point of its full comprehension and meditating on it.
A few of the signs on the importance of zikr in the Quran are as follows:
“Believers, let neither your riches nor your children beguile you of ALLAH’s ZIKR! Whoever does that, these are the losers!” (63:9)
“You gave them and their fathers the good things so much that they did not think about your warnings and acted heedlessly and they finally forgot ZIKR and thus incurred destruction!”
“Whoever turns himself from the ZIKR of RAHMAN (The Beneficent) shall have a devil (jinn) for his companion. Devil turns them away from the right path, though they may THINK themselves rightly guided!”
“Satan (jinn) has gained the mastery over them so he has made them forget ZIKR of ALLAH! They are the confederates of Satan! Satan’s confederates will assuredly be lost.
” (58:19) 
A major negligence of ours is the fact that most of us do not practice zikr at all. The brains which lack the power of zikr are indeed easily influenced by the jinni.
That is to say, the phenomenon known as the Satan’s obsession is a matter of a greater importance in areas than thought.
The Quran informs that the MAJORITY of human beings are under the domination of jinni as in the following sign:
“Jinn, you have seduced mankind BY A LARGE MAJORITY!”
is mankind’s unique defense arm against the influences from the jinni who, in our day, present themselves as “aliens,” or “extraterrestrial beings” and are commonly recognized as UFO! 
The Quran teaches us the prayer of safeguard to recite against them:
“Rabbi `annii massaniyash Shaytanu binusbin wa `adhab. Rabbi `a-‘auuzu biqa min hamazaatish shaayatiini Wa `a’-uuzu biqa Rabbi any-yakhzuruun. Wa khifzam-min kulli Shaytaanim-maarid “
(Saad:41, Mu’minun: 97-98, Saffat:7) 
and dua (recital of prayers) are man’s unique self-defense arms against the jinn who always keep close to cigarette smokers as CIGARETTE smoke is one of their major nutrients. 
Nevertheless, if a person produces a defensive magnetic zone around himself through his brain by way of prayers’ recital and zikr, he can partly weaken the impulses sent by the jinni and even completely avoid them.
Because, one of the benefits gained through zikr is that a protective area forms around the working person through his brain’s transmission in relation with the content of zikr words he meditates.
Of course, it should be the main goal for every human to know himself as well as his surrounding by improving his brain by way of zikr. Because, there exists such superior potentials in our brains that one cannot even imagine. If only we could take advantage of them!
One can understand the nature of human and the existence, their system of operation, and the qualities within human as well as the way to appreciate those qualities only by way of KNOWLEDGE and ZIKR. And all these are attained only after the complementary zikr practices are achieved.
* Zikr as a practice is simply the constant inward remembrance of ALLAH Names by the repetition of any of them or by the recital of some prayers in mind. When you practice Zikr, (similar to Meditation which the Western world is familiar with) you repeat continuously a given name of ALLAH such as QUDDUS, MUREED, or HAKIM, and so, a number of times usually daily with the help of worry beads or a counter. As concentration is not necessarily required, there is no requirement to start Zikr anytime, anywhere. Whether one believes or not, or whether he is aware or not, the related regions of brain become active when the task is achieved, so the resulting benefit is gained spontaneously. At the beginning, repetition might be pronounced by the silent movements of lips. Later when it gets easier the constant repetition is felt inwardly from the mind only. As it can be seen from the following signs in the Quran, without any restriction anyone can practice Zikr anytime he or she wants and anywhere (provided that a convenient list of Zikr words is advised to him or her according to their brain programs): “Meditate (Zikr) ALLAH standing and sitting and lying down” (Sura Nisa:103). .”those who meditate (Zikr) ALLAH standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and who reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth.”(Sura Al’imran:190). [A. Baki]
* * As we have mentioned before, limitations brought on our perception by our 5 senses prevent us from understanding many phenomena in the cosmos, such as the righteous comprehension of our own reality, the consciousness and therefore of “Allah.” Thus we need to expand our perceptional range by increasing the capacity of our brains. Zikr is the way to do that.
All the activity in the brain is nothing but bioelectric activity in several distinct parts of it, among various sets of neurons (cellular groups) each assigned to a specific duty functioning as a whole. Each and everyday 14 million neurons that make up the brain, are in a constant interaction with 16 billion neighboring neurons. All our activities and our understanding, that is all the functioning of a brain is the result of countless bioelectric flows that are brought to existence in these sets of neurons occurring as a result of these interactions.
When you practice “Zikr” you repeat continuously a given name of Allah, —for instance, “Quddus” or “Mureed” or “Alim” a number of times—, and therefore reflect a meaning that belongs to ALLAH.
During the repetition certain regions of the brain are engaged and become active, so there occurs a bioelectric flow in that neural groups of the brain. After that task is performed repeatedly (as you repeat on the same name or a group of names) the neural activity increases, and so does the bioelectric energy, which overflows and new sets of neurons are put to work and so, some other regions of the brain become active. And therefore the brain capacity starts to expand. The brain starts to bring out new meanings, perspectives and commentaries that it had not used before Zikr.
During this practice one is also in the continuous process of radiating spiritual energy, and loading it onto his hologramlike body of frequencies, his spirit, his eternal and imperishable existence. The following is a list of names and prayers advised by Author Ahmed Hulusi in his book “Dua and Zikr” to start Zikr by yourself. (As a simple method to practice daily with the help of a counter or worry beads, at each step a Name is fastly repeated, say, six or nine times at once (Mureed, Mureed, Mureed – Mureed, Mureed, Mureed) so that at the end of 100 time repetition it counts 600 or 900.
300 Allahumma einni ala zikrika wa shukrika wa husni ibadetik
300 Quddusut takhiru min kulle suin.
300 La ilaha illa anta subhanaqa inni quntu minez zalemin
300 Rabbi zidni ilman wa fahman wa iymana
3600 Mureed 
3600 Quddus
3600 Noor
3600 Fattah 
3600 Mumin
Transliteration and Translation Pronunciation Download 
Allahumma einni ala zikrika wa shukrika wa husni ibadetik 
(Oh Allah! Help me in practicing zikr, gratefulness, and sincere servitude to you.) 
Quddusut takhiru min kulle suin. 
(Free and pure of any fault.) 
La ilaha illa anta subhanaqa inn quntu minez zalemin 
(There is none but you, I pray of you; no doubt I am of those who are oppressors on their souls.) 
Rabbi zidni ilman wa fahman wa iymana 
(Lord, increase me in knowledge and understanding and faith.) 
Mureed (The Will-Powerful) 
Quddus (The Absolute Pure) 
Noor (The Spiritual Liight) 
Fattah (The Opener) 
Mumin (Momeen) (The Believer)
The following is a passage taken from an article in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN December 1993, describing complementary laboratory findings about this matter to prove our explanations, which was published seven years after Author Ahmed Hulusi’s first explanations on its importance:
“Complementary findings described this year by investigators at Washington University have emerged from PET scans of humans. (PET measures neural activity indirectly.) In the experiments, volunteers were provided with a list of nouns. They were required to read the nouns ., one by one, and to propose for each noun a related verb. When the subjects first did this task, several distinct parts of the brain, including parts of the prefrontal and cingulated cortex, displayed increased neural activity. But if the volunteers repeated the task with the same list of nouns several times, the activity shifted to different regions. When the volunteers were given a fresh list of nouns, the neural activity increased and shifted back to the first areas again.
PET SCANS done at the Washington University show certain regions of the brain engaged as a subject reads a list of nouns and suggests related verbs. Different regions become active after the task is performed repeatedly with the same list. The original areas of the brain are reengaged when the subject is given a list of new nouns.” (A. Baki)
Click here to see what goes on in your brain when you practice zikr. 
All the practices known as ibadat, which were passed onto us through the Rasul, are completely based on scientific realities. They are never aimed at pleasing the heart’s desire of a god off in the heights above, afar off (beyond) us. Allah, who made the universe existent out of nothing, is not in need of any one’s practice. Just like the food you take are aimed at supplying your physical body’s needs, the practices called as ibadat (prayers) are related to the needs of your life beyond death. They are related to the “knowledge” and “energy” that your brain power records onto your, in a way a luminous body of frequencies, that is your spirit.
The practices that are carried out can be divided into two as physical and mental within the context of their benefits. Benefits gained physically empower mental activities and subsequently expand the brain capacity, and thus empower the person’s spirit.
Constant repetition of words, a practice known as “zikr,” makes you realize the universal qualities, that are the meanings of ALLAH names, which existed holographically in your own being, through expanding your brain capacity. It increases brain capacity and energy. For instance, the repetition of the word “Mureed” in a certain number of times a day, which is the Name of Allah’s quality of being “will,” increases the person’s will-power. The repetition of the name “Quddus” in addition to the name “Mureed,” results in a person quitting all sorts of his malicious habits. High tempered, rowdy, heart-breaking, excessive people lacking in self-control and persons of a nervous (tense, irritable) temper dissolve to a tolerant character shortly after they start repeating the Name “Haliym.” All these come true as brain cells are programmed in corresponding frequencies produced in the brain. This fact was scientifically proved as a laboratory experiment recently and it was published in an article with the signature of John Horgan in the December 1993 issue of “The Scientific American”.
The more a person’s brain capacity is increased, the better he realizes and knows ALLAH as being the truth of the attributes that unfold through himself.
“ALLAH” is not a god afar off, but is the name of the Limitless One (Akbar) who brought everything into existence from within Hu’s own being, WITHIN Hu’s own knowledge (ilm) through Hu’s knowledge, while there existed nothing. In the hologram system, Hu exists fully in every particle; put in Sufi (Tasawwuf) terms, “Hu exists in every point with all Hu’s Attributes (Sifat), Names (Asma) and Hu’s Essence (Zhat).”
At the extent we could broaden our brain capacity by way of carrying out practices on this path, we will realize and find ALLAH within our own beings, and attain Hu within ourselves…
(Taken from the book —ISLAM) 
Both DUA (praying) and ZIKR (meditation with ALLAH Names) are some practices aimed for widening the brain’s dynamic capacity and enabling (facilitating) it to express qualities and potency which are laid dormant in itself, that such qualities were bestowed by ALLAH. In addition, through such practices, a person constructs his own afterlife body…
You were brought to being with the Beautiful Names of ALLAH and within the Science (awareness) of Hu. Therefore, the meanings that the Names of ALLAH indicated are unfolded (revealed) in your brain as your characteristics. When you constantly repeat the Beautiful Names of ALLAH in your mind, you promote your brain to reveal better the meanings corresponding to these Names and the capabilities such Names indicated.
For instance, when you repeat the Name “Mureed” that is the ALLAH’s attribute of “WILL,” certain number of times, say three thousand times a day, you will soon notice your will power improving. You will be surprised to find out your efficiency in accomplishing most of the things without great exertion, which you used to fail before because of weakness in your will power.
If you repeat the ALLAH’s Name “Quddus” in addition to “Mureed” same number of times every day, besides practicing the dua “kuddus’ut takhiru min kulle suin” three hundred to five hundred times a day, you will simply quit smoking, drinking or drug addiction without any exertion… You may ask if this is for real or if they are really helpful! Try and see it for yourself! Just keep practicing them continuously for a few months. You will then see the results even if you do not have any belief of their help.
Because, this event of practicing ZIKR is completely a technical process; therefore, acquiring its benefits is not dependent on one’s belief. We have observed it in countless number of experiments…
So many people quitted their habits easily after they began practicing ZIKR as we suggested and kept practicing continuously even while enjoying their drinks in bars, just for the sake of trying and without any belief in our words…
is a practice of repeating the words which carry certain meanings, in the brain. It is not bound by time, place or belief. 
For the first time ever in Turkey as well as in the world, we have explained in our book
“Mysteries of Man,” published in 1986, that ZIKR is a SYSTEM of practice to increase the activity of cellular groups in the brain parallel to the meanings of words given in a list. Further explanation is available in more details in our book “DUA and ZIKR” and also in “Mohammed’s ALLAH.” 
Parallel laboratory findings which described that practicing ZIKR, namely the repetitions of nouns in the brain, increases neural activity while engaging new areas and neural groups in the brain, were published first time in 1993 in an article in December 1993 issue of the “Scientific American.” The findings were conclusions of long years of intensive laboratory experiments described in this article. It concluded that: “When a person reads a new learned noun or repeats a given word, different regions and dormant neural groups of the brain engages and becomes active, so that the working capacity of the brain is increased.”
Repeating in mind the given Names of Allah systematically at certain numbers for a period of time simultaneously increases your brain’s capacity. Thereupon you improve your personality in the area of that given Name.
It does not matter whether you are a believer or not! Because, this is the SYSTEM and the ORDER of ALLAH. The operatives of the SYSTEM and ORDER of ALLAH have no dependence on anyone’s belief.
The greatest reason for misunderstanding that matter lays in the fact that you were unaware of yourself as being a formula composed of the meanings of the Beautiful Names of ALLAH. In addition, you wrongfully presumed that you are required to practice “ibadat” in connection with a god-afar-off-yourself!
However, the Attainers of Truth, all from Ahmed Yasewi, to Yunus Emre, Abdulkadir Geylani, Imam Ghazali, Hadji Bektashi Wali, Ibrahim Hakki of Erzurum, Mewlana Jelaluddin, have drawn people’s attention to the fact that “ALLAH” is within the Reality of man and have mentioned the necessity of turning toward “ALLAH” in your core and of discovering Hu within your own being, instead of turning toward a god-afar-off-yourself…
As a matter of fact, ZIKR is not for pleasing a god-afar-off-yourself, but for knowing “ALLAH” within your own essence by means of increasing your brain power parallel to your understanding and comprehension skills. As a result, it is to promote the unfoldment of meanings of those Beautiful Names efficiently within yourself and to experience the “mystery of caliphate” living…
(Taken from the book —ISLAM) 
“DUA IS THE WEAPON OF THE BELIEVER (mumin),” says RasulAllah! Are we really aware why it is so important to practice “DUA?”
What is “DUA” and what is it for? As there is no god-out-there, beyond yourself, then to whom do you pray (practice dua)? Let us try to answer those questions now…
“Dua” is an action of directing brain waves!
Let us recall some of the information we had given earlier in our previous pages …
Human, in respect to its “reality,” (haqiqat) is a content composed of Names that belonged to ALLAH… That is, human is like a formula composed of meanings that the Beautiful Names of ALLAH carry. To express it in a different way, ALLAH has rendered human as a kaliph of Himself on earth by means of making him exist via the meanings of Hu’s Beautiful Names.
After various transformations, those meanings of Names have been unfolded in the human brain in a form as it was ordained.
According to the statement (
hukm) that “You cannot will except by the will of ALLAH,” your DUA (prayer) in reality is nothing but a wish belonging to ALLAH. 
However, there is a SYSTEM and ORDER by ALLAH, known as “sunnatAllah.” Here, such a wish originated from the Beautiful Names of ALLAH is sometimes revealed as a “DUA” from within yourself.
Although it is commonly believed under the influence materialistic view that people could communicate with each other only by the agency of their lips and ears, communication is, in fact, a interaction between brains. There are so many times that we sense, perceive such a relation but cannot explain it logically due to lack of knowledge. Your “intuition” is a result of your early perception of incoming waves…
“DUA” arises from the Names of ALLAH (asma-uAllah) that is within your own essence and reveals as a wave directed for a purpose and reaches the aim. So, “DUA” is not a demand from a god outside yourself, but rather is a wish originated by “ALLAH” in your essence.
In another way of looking, “DUA” is the most powerful weapon for achieving your expectations. It is an appreciation of the power and potency belonging to “ALLAH” within your own essence.
You will pray, practice
“dua,” so then you will direct the course of events, if that resided in your destiny. In fact, it is Hu’s self who directs, not you! 
The same way as the parasite signals are reduced when the earth’s semi-sphere turned back on the sun and short wave reception becomes powerful, human brain also becomes more sensitive and most powerful especially during midnight at late hours. This is the case both for reception (inspiration) and transmission (dua- praying). The importance of night time is particularly due to this fact in the “Deen-i Islam.”
People lacking the practice
dua, will suffer the detriment of both the appreciation and the potencies within their own essence and also the benefits resulting from praying. DUA is an exercise of the power belonged to “ALLAH” within your own essence. 
The fact that RasulAllah has prayed so often does not mean that he has asked for things from a god outside himself, but instead it shows that he has channeled the power and potency within himself that belongs to ALLAH, in the direction of his wishes.
The more a person’s brain capability is powerful, the more one’s prayers (dua) and brain transmission are effective… You broadcast all your thoughts over the earth to the degree that your brain power allows, not only at times when you are communicating, but while you are thinking as well. And those frequencies are received by other corresponding receptive brains and are assessed as intuition or inspiration. It is in that respect that some of the effectual (authoritative) “spiritual people,” known as “irshad qutubs” in Sufism exercise power of disposal. What is known as reaching “enlightenment” (al faydh) is nothing other than a brain’s assisted revelation after another powerful brain’s transmission of directed waves. We have given detailed information about that in our book “DUA and ZIKR” which I strongly recommend you to read!..
In this chapter, we have tried to make you realize that “DUA” is one of the most effective tools in human’s life. Let us know that “ALLAH” will respond you from within yourself. Hu’s being aware of everything in your mind, is a result of your being brought into existence through Hu’s own being and of Hu’s revealing those that income from Hu through yourself.
Every person must continuously keep practicing “DUA,” and prayers at whatever spiritual state or level of awareness one is at, as RasulAllah did. It will be known more clearly in the life beyond death that nothing would have brought better income than one’s “DUA” and prayers.
May ALLAH make us realize the importance of “DUA,” appreciate it in our lifetimes as much as possible and therefore empower our “spirits.” And… May ALLAH make all these easy for us!