women in islam When our Beloved Nabi Muhammad  came to us with the Beautiful and Pure religion of Islam, The Religion of Almighty Allah, then the lives of all changed. For women; women in islam the Holy Prophet  isthat bright star which brightened their dark and sad lives.
Through the coming of Islam, the oppression of wicked men
disappeared in the light of Guidance. Women were no more slaves
and objects of carnal satisfaction, but they were blessed with a
status in Islam, that none had ever given them before. Like men,
women were also given rights, and for the protection of the rights of
women, Almighty Allah revealed divine verses of the Holy Quran.
Women now became the owners of their dowry, their properties
and the owners of their inheritance from their parents. Those
women, who were once the slaves of men, now became the Queens
in the homes of their husbands.
Almighty Allah says in the Glorious Quran: Almighty Allah created
for you from your physique wives, so that you may gain comfort
through them. And He created love and compassion between you.
Now! No man can beat his wife, seize her property and wealth,
remove her from the home without valid reason or oppress her in
any way. Every man is obligated to fulfill his religious and husbandly
rights towards his wife.
Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: ‘Women have the same
rights over men, like men have over women. That is with politeness.’ (Surah Baqara Ruku 28)
Almighty Allah revealed for men, the following divine command,
‘And treat them fairly (in marriage)’ (Surah Nisa Ruku 3)The entire world should take note of the exalted status that Islam has given to women. Although Almighty Allah has commanded in the Quran, that He has made man Superior over the woman, He has also made man the protector and the provider, so that as the superior one, he may protect and take care of the home and his family.
Islam has bound men and women with their religious duties to one
another, so that they may both live their lives in happiness and comfort, making their lives a means for success in the hereafter.
Husbands and wives should thus carefully think of the commands of
Allah Almighty and free themselves from the arguments, bickering
and fighting of the days of ignorance (Jihaalat).
If all the women get together and try to repay the Grace of Almighty
Allah, for sending the Holy Prophet , then they would never be able to re-pay even one part of this, even until their last breath. Without doubt, the Prophet  came as a Savior and Protector.