women in islam -There are various stages and times in the life of a female, but there are four stages in her life that are important and worthy of discussion.
1. Her Childhood
2. Her reaching puberty
3. Her becoming a wife
4. Her becoming a mother
We will now explain very briefly, the duties and responsibilities of afemale in all four stages, so that our mothers and sisters may takeheed to these important factors, thus using them as a means of success in their lives on earth (duniya) and in the hereafter (akhira).
During childhood, she is the beloved daughter of her parents.During this stage, and as long as she has not reached puberty, thereare no laws of Shariah which she needs to follow. In other words,there is nothing which is fard (obligatory) upon her during this time.
She is not compelled to do anything during childhood. She lives herlife as a beloved daughter, eating, playing and enjoying these yearsof her childhood. It is during these years, that it is the responsibilityof her parents, brothers and sisters and other family members, to be kind and compassionate towards her. Please her and keep her
content. It is the responsibility of her family to care for her health,
hygiene, clothing and all her other needs as a child. She should always be kept happy and pleased.
When she commences talking, then it is the responsibility of the parents to first teach her the name of Allah and His Rasool (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). She should be taught how to read the Kalima and other simple things. When she grows a little older, then
she must be taught cleanliness and hygiene. She must be taught respect and good manners, with great love and affection. Parents should teach her good habits and more so they should instill in her the dislike for bad habits and bad manners.
When she is able to read properly, then the first thing she should be taught, is to recite the Holy Quran. When she grows a little older, she should be taught the proper method of making Ghusl etc. and should always be reminded of cleanliness and hygiene. In everything
she does, she must be taught proper Islamic behavior and manners.When she reaches the age of seven, she should be taught toperform Namaaz and other important Islamic actions. She should be put into the habit of Islamic dressing from the age of seven. As she grows older, she should be taught simple household chores, so that she will grow into a responsible young lady.
She must always be reminded of keeping the company of pious and descent females, and should be kept away from rude and indecent females. She should never be allowed to befriend girls who would cause damage to her Islamic and moral duties.
These are some of the responsibilities of parents towards their daughters during their childhood. If parents do not fulfill these responsibilities, then they are sinners and worthy of the wrath of Allah. If parents fulfill these responsibilities, then they shall be
rewarded by Almighty Allah.