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Dear Islamic brothers!and sisters It is a great bounty of Allah that He has granted us a
tremendous gift in the form of Ramadan, whose every moment is full of mercy. The
reward of good deeds is multiplied many times in this month. The reward of a Nafl act is

equivalent to that of a Far one, while the reward of a Far act is multiplied 70 times. In
this month, even the sleep of a fasting person is considered an act of worship. The divine
‘Arsh-holding angels say ‘Amin’ for the Du’a of the fasting people. According to a adiš,
the fish in the seas ask for forgiveness until If ar for the one who fasts in Ramadan.
(Attarghib Wattarhib, vol. 2, pp. 55,  adiš 6)
Door of worship
Fast is a hidden form of worship; no one can come to know about your fast until you tell
it to others. Allah likes hidden worship more. A blessed adiš says, ‘Fasting is the
door of worship.’ (Al-Jami’-uN-;aghir, pp. 146,  adiš 2415
Revelation of the Quran
Ramadan is a blessed and sacred month in which Allah
revealed the Holy Quran.
He mentions the revelation of the Holy Quran and Ramadan in these words:
Image result for ramadan ayat in quranThe month of Ramadan in which was sent down the Quran – the guidance for mankind, the

direction and the clear criteria (to judge between right and wrong). So whoever among you
finds this month, must fast for the (whole) month; and whoever is sick or on a journey, may
fast the same number in other days. Allah
desires ease for you and does not desire
hardship for you so that you complete the count (of fasts), and glorify Allah’s greatness for
having guided you, and so that you may be grateful.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 2, Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 185)
Reasons for names of months
Mufti A mad Yar Khan 3 7  
!, 7 8 has stated, ‘Some exegetists !
have said that
different names were given to different months in relation to their seasons. (For
instance) the month that fell in summer was called Ramadan, the one in spring was called
Rabi’-ul-Awwal and the one that fell in water-freezing winter was called Jumadal Aula.
In Islam there is always a wonderful reason for a name, and the name is given in relation
to the attributes of the thing. This is not found in other terms. We see an ignorant
person named ‘Muhammad Fazil’ (learned) and a coward is called ‘Shayr Bahadur’ (a
brave lion) and an ugly man is called ‘Yusuf Khan’ but there is no such defect in Islam.
Ramadan is a combination of virtues and excellence, which is why it is called Ramadan.’
(Tafsir-e-Na’imi, vol. 2, pp. 205)