April Fool’s temptation of Adam Muslim youth is not the cause of the violation of the Jews and the Christians followed uaqrbaء lying fool your friends to celebrate.
Where was the beginning of April Fool’s history?

It is said that in the days of ancient civilizations including Roman civilization aurqdym including Hinduism, April or near the beginning of the new year was celebrated in ujuarky dates .1582 Pope George VIII in place of the old calendar calendar launch a new order jurjyn Accordingly, the beginning of the new year, from January to April qrarpaya place. New this year, while France nyajurjyn calendar year from January. According to tradition, than a large number of irrelevant or public rejected the new calendar or tradition as other timely reports this new calendar change could not reach people in remote basis of which the new year according to the old calendar The observed for April. The modernist wing for the fun of conservatives April fool them and falsely believe them to be true and the false messages of the new year has started sending invitations to events from the end There was to be held. Such a tradition in Europe April fool people by lying spread to create.

can have reported that their masters is the duty of Muslims and Sunni sponsorship of the Qur’an and avoid acts of unlawful because they are unbeaten.Spain began shipping their goods to use the tactic was successful, and the moral weakness of the Muslims began to be noticeable, especially the younger generation of Muslims suffered most of the plot, the moral decline and weakMuslims refer to as Independence Day and the Muslims beat their idea in his cunning and deceit, he was celebrated as April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s joke in many people’s lives lie and proves waves. April fool many people who suffer severe trauma suffered as a result of these events and have lost their lives, home to several permanent disability hukrhmysh are confined to four walls, and how many homes can result in divorces rejoicing couple of other permanent suspicion and ridicule those who are suffering irreparable damage to a whole as well as can not pay.

Their legitimate for Muslims and non-Muslim ritual to celebrate the fact that it surely must be hard to be critical of Islam and Muslims are against the teachings and moral values.

Is a sign of hypocrisy and lies upon the Messenger of Allah, Allah is strictly prohibited. According to the decree of Allah, peace be upon you, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should always speak the truth or keep silent, moreover Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah cursed him as acting is lying people laugh. Like most of the people nowadays are fabricated lies and people laugh by telling jokes are false.According to the people laugh, tickle and their equipment to provide entertainment while you lie bulnaan permissible according to the decree of Allaah be upon him lie to deceive people and entertain them through deliberate laugh hard incurs sin.