Sayyīdunā Ṣafwān bin Sulaīm raziallahu tala anhu , says, ‘Jinns use thebelongings and clothing of human beings. So, whenever anyoneof you picks up a piece of clothing (to put on) or puts it down (after taking it off), he should recite bismillahirrahma nirraheem name of Allah will be the seal for it.’ (i.e. by virtue of
recititing bismillahirrahma nirraheem the Jinns will not use that clothing). (Kitāb-ul-‘Aẓamaĥ, Ḥadīš 1123, page 426)
Dear brothers! And sisters In this way, when picking up or putting
down anything, make it a habit to recite…. bismillahirrahma nirraheem. You will remain secured from the interventionsof harmful Jinns.

Names ‘Ahmad’ and ‘Muhammmad’ correspond to Rahman and Rahim

The late Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Mujaddid of this age, has in his book Ijaz-ul-Masih given a subtle exposition, in a sufi manner, about these successes. To summarize in a few sentences: Allah, the most high, is perfect in Husn(Goodness/beauty) and Ihsan (benevolence). When man, without any effort on his own part, is granted through Allah’s attribute of Rahman limitless mercy and blessings and thus observes the Husn and Ihsan of God, then in the heart of the worshipper a love for God is born. As these blessings and the grace of Allah’s Husn and Ihsan descend upon the believer, his love for God keeps on increasing. It is true that the more one loves something the more one praises it. So, a person who reaches a position of excellence in the love of and praise of Allah, the most high, is called Ahmad, that is one who praises profusely and frequently. It is apparent the person who so praises God and spreads this praise in the world, would become the beloved of God, as required by the attribute of Rahim. Finally, the more a person becomes a beloved of God, the more praiseworthy he becomes. So, a person who, through his constant praise, attains the highest stages of the position of beloved of God, would correspondingly be highly worthy of praise and would be called Muhummad which means one praised exceedingly. So the two names Ahmad and Muhummad of our Holy Prophet (may peace and the blessings of God be upon him) are in fact the manifestation of the two attributes Rahman and Rahim of Allah the most high. These names reflect the best results man can achieve through the help of these attributes of God and there are no better meaningful names for this position than Ahmad and Muhummad.