This process needs himself and for the solution of every problem is unique. Always read the benefit of all worldly problems will be solved. The way that a person can perform and good clothing and perfume and thus hold a meeting? this is wazifa for solve big problems insha allah Bismillah sharif  100 times. Durood
Shareef 100 times.sure fatiha Fatihah 100 times. Kalima 100 times. kalmae Shahadah .amnt Billah 100 times. istagfar 100 times.aytul kursi  Kursi verse 100 times. laa ilah illa huwal haiyaul qaiyum  Qayyum 100 times. Al-Ikhlas 100 times. kalmae tamjeed  100 times.allahu alimun 100 times. ta haiyu ya qaiyum birahmatika astagisu 100 times very humble before the Lord and pray. wazifa for solve big problems  All thanks to Allah Holy Prophet alsluة needs will be fulfilled.