‪tension‬‏ کیلئے تصویری نتیجہ

The solution to every problem:
Once a month who read the Word of God arrived at the mhmdalrsul read it a million times. This process has to start from the first day of the first month on the day after the first day of eating Laa alaallh read a word
then begin continuous mhmdalrsul allhprhna. Just then continuously read mhmdalrsul God. If during this process a million million times to read the entire effort could not take it if you were not able to meet until after Ramadan.
The first advantage of this unique perfection that he gave himself was surprised. The first advantage is that it certainly will come visiting Holy Prophet, Ramadan will be the same or must be life before I die, God willing.
Another advantage: Mustafa Muhammad in his heart that will love joining the waves and the sea.
The third benefit: the Sunni and the luck will follow.
Fourth advantage: Judgment Day believes the intercession of the Prophet (repeated it three times) will come.
Fifth advantage: Judgment Day will come and the voice of the person doing it will be called out to deal with it is softening, softening the judgment and mercy of Allah blessed him so that forgiveness without scholarships will be calculated.

Seventh advantage: they shall die, it will give the word “grave will be right in his face.
Eighth advantage: two angels will ask in the grave when it burns Allaah side shall help him.
Ninth advantage: ualyky home reading the daily pilgrimage to the angels to come and kiss her.
The tenth advantage gaas who read it will come back to the light, will give connor chest, the body will be given the light.
I shall see him come off the light.
Twelfth Benefit: a cure is to avoid sins, who wants sainthood, are trying to avoid sin, and love the unjust Redemption ﷺcahta Mustafa wanted to do in this life blessing and dignity that comes with a blessing will be surprised by your own life.
Thirteenth advantage: the mercy of God in this generation will continue, it will save generations and generations of sins and the mercy of God will be happy.
Fourteen advantage of this handicap races ‘Lovely’ is lame, blind, crippled little finger will not. It’s generations will pass a sin and God will preserve it from future generations
Yes … It is important that children benefit enormously from the sin, lies and provision prohibited Avoid Avoid! Do not complain otherwise.
send blessings and peace upon this entity itself.
Seventeenth advantage: when the person moves anywhere Assistant to become angels, protecting it from something painful and are integral to the surrounding light.
Atharuan advantage of the good times with him and the Giants are saints, but the giants who live in the neighborhoods they come to visit it every day.
Anysuan advantage: the entire physical diseases are incurable, as well as any disease that ends hyn’cahy be mynmbtla.Once you begin to read the Word of God read and phrmhmdalrsul and fifty million times to read. It can be read in all situations, no ablution ablution “defile the holy month of Ramadan began in the million and five million.
Holy ﷺka goes face to face will be the tomb, the resurrection will face, will face up to heaven. And how the world got their high point?
Bysuanfaydh: If a patient can not read himself a benefactor who wants to read through it and read the state should not be giving Mohsen price. The reading of physical diseases, incurable diseases, incurable affliction and suffering are gone forever.
Akysuan Advantage: disabled or maimed if they start reading it constantly will end their disability.
Bayysuanfaydh: widowed or divorced to benefit from the perfect companion to get the best of her life.
Tyysuan advantage: no children, even if eaten punts of displaced one million or five million people read it, then God must surely zruraur Allah will bless them that male longevity, be blessed and beautiful.
Unique world tour:
What should I tell him the benefit? This word in the entire universe and the earth and the sky and the earth lose it is tied firmly to the floor, it is the floor covering stores and Word Throne. I read it in a unique dreams and visions of a universe that even a syryn not read a book. It is blessed with spiritual walk ‘Throne’ floor ‘giants’ world’ lahut systems of the world and the universe that science discovered not far from the mouth of a Sunni