As we appear at this text we recognize how genuine the Messenger alaihissalam was these signs have been prophesized 1400 years ago!!!
Take a look…. Now this is frightening but soooooooo genuine!!!!
Ø Camels will no longer be used as a way of transport;
Ø humans will trip on saddles that don’t seem to be saddles (cars?)
Ø the gap on earth will turn out to be short;
Ø Horses is probably not utilized in wars;
Ø Muslims will defeat the Byzantines that allows you to end with the conquest of Constantinople( Istanbul )
Ø The Jews will acquire once more to are living in Bilad Canaan;
Ø Very tall buildings can be developed;
Ø The disappearance of capabilities and the appearance of lack of knowledge, with so much killing;
Ø Adultery will come to be widespread, and the consuming of wine will emerge as original;
Ø The quantity of men will decrease and the quantity of women will expand unless there are 50 ladies to be sorted by means of one man.
Ø Islam will end up worn out like garments are, unless no one will understand what fasting, prayer, charity and rituals are;
Ø Allah will send a disorder to fornicators so as to don’t have any therapy (Aids?);
Ø men and women will to think within the stars and reject AL QADAR (THE DIVINE DECREE OF destiny);
Ø men will move through men and women’s graves and say: ‘Would that I was in his location’; (massive quantity of sucidal deaths?)
Ø The Euphrates will find a mountain of gold for which individuals will fight over (the river of Alfurat that lies near Syria );
Ø Two significant organizations of men and women will fight one a different, and there will probably be many casualties; they are going to each be following the equal religion (World conflict II?);
Ø roughly 30 DAJJALS will appear, every one claiming to be the messenger of ALLAH;
Ø Earthquakes will develop;
Ø Time will move rapidly;
Ø Afflictions will show up;
Ø Killing will broaden;
Ø Wealth will broaden;
Ø women can be wearing garments however no longer sporting garments
Ø THE PROPHET (Peace and benefits be Upon him) stated: ‘IF MY UMMAH BEARS 15! Traits (traits), TRIBULATION WILL follow IT.’ (DAY OF JUDGEMENT) any person requested,’WHAT is that they O MESSENGER OF ALLAH?’ HE (Peace and advantages be Upon him) stated:
Ø When any attain is shared out simplest among the many rich, with out a advantage to the negative;
Ø When a believe turns into a way of creating profit ;
Ø When paying ZAKKAT becomes a burden;
Ø When voices are raised in the mosque;
Ø When the leader of a persons is the worst of them;
Ø When people deal with a man with respect considering what he may just do;
Ø When so much wine is under the influence of alcohol; pink wind or the earth swallow them, or to be transformed into animals.’
Ø ‘IMRAN IBN HUSAYN stated: ‘THE PROPHET (AS) said, ‘SOME people OF THIS UMMAH might be SWALLOWED by using THE EARTH, modified INTO ANIMALS, and some will likely be BOMBARDED WITH STONES’. Some of the MUSLIMS asked, WHEN WILL THAT BE O MESSENGER Of ALLAH?’ HE said, ‘WHEN SINGERS AND MUSICAL devices WILL emerge as widespread, and much WINE IS under the influence of alcohol.”
Ø THE greater indicators OF THE HOUR The Quran will disappear in a single night, even from the people’s hearts, and no Ayyah can be left in the world. (Some companies of ancient folks will probably be left who will say: ‘We heard of fathers’ pronouncing ‘LAILLAHA ILLA ALLAH’ so we repeat it)
Ø the looks of the MAHDI;
Ø the appearance of the DAJJAL (Anti Christ);
Ø the looks of Ya’juj and Ma’juj (biblical Gog and Magog);
Ø Isa (Jesus) will come for the duration of the time of Dajjal;
Ø The rising of the solar from the west;
Ø The destruction of the Ka’ba and the healing of its treasures;
Ø The smoke.
Now you’ve got two choices right here:
1. Go away this message to sit right here. No curse or some thing may occur to you (Insha-Allah)benefits of Recitation the Quran with hadith
2. Ahead this message to a number of humans you know and by means of the grace of woman in islam 5-islamic articles-WOMAN AS A MOTHERAllah you will be blessed for every character you ahead this e mailWomen Position in Islam