taraweeh ki namaz ka tarika in hindi taraweeh ki namaz ka tarika in hindi english
Taraweeh 20rakat hoti he
Taraweeh Niyaat
In English: Make intention of Sunnat-e-Maukida for the sake of Allah, faciing toward Kaaba, Behind the Imam and say “Allahu Akbar ”
In Hindi: Niyaat ki maine 2 rakat Sunnat-e-Maukida wasste Allah Ta’alla ke, muhh mera taraf kaa’ba sharif ke taraf, piche is Imam ke Allahu Akbar
The Taraweeh should be offered in Cycles (Rakaats) of each. After every four Cycles, it is endorsed to sit for approximately the time it take to offer 4 Cycles. While sitting, one may also preserve quiet or recite the Kalemah, or the Salutations or recite the subsequent “Tasbeeh”:
Taraweeh Salat Tasbih
Subhana dhil Mulki wal Malakuti, Subhana dhil izzati wal aDhmati wal haybati wal Qudrati,
wal kibriyaa’i wal jabaroot Subhanal Malikil hayyil ladhi, l. A. Yunaamu wa layamutu,
Subbuhun, Quddusun, Rabbuna Rabbul malaa’ikati conflict-rooh
Allahumma Ajirnee Minan Naar, Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeer.
Tarawih salaah is SUNNAT MU-AKKADAH for both women and men.
To perform Tarawih with jama’ah is sunnat-kifayah for guys.
If someone plays Tarawih at domestic even as Tarawih is being finished on the Masjid, he’s going to not be sinful. However, if all the neighbours carry out their Tarawih alone at domestic, then all may be sinful because of neglecting the jama’ah.
The time for Tarawih is from after Isha salaah to a little before Subhus-Sadiq. It may be executed either before or after the Witr salaah.
If one has neglected some rak’ah of Tarawih and the Imam has began the Witr, then this Muqtadi may additionally join for the Witr and whole the remainder of his Tarawih thereafter.
20 raka’at with 10 Salaam are masnun, one need to have a niyyah for 2 raka’at of Tarawih every time. After each four raka’at it is Mustahab to sit a while and read the above dua.
One may additionally stay silent or recite the Qur’an or tasbih in a low voice or say Nafl salaah separately at some point of the length of rest after every 4 raka’at.
It is makruh to perform Tarawih sitting if one has the power of qiyam (status).
While performing Tarawih some people do no longer be a part of the Jama’ah from the beginning but join the Imam whilst he prepares to go into Ruku’. This is makruh. They ought to be part of at the beginning.
If one does now not get the Jamaa’ah for Fardh of Eisha, he should perform his Fardh by myself and then join the Jamaa’ah f