ramzan calendar 2018


ramzan calendar 2018 If you anticipating new 12 months Islamic Calendar 2018 or Hijri calendar 1439, then there is a great news for you. Today, I am imparting you the Urdu Calendar 2018, Now you can easily test all your gala’s and dates and agenda your upcoming months. As you know calendar performs the very crucial function in these days’s existence, so after seeing the requirement of the person, here we’ve got supplied numerous codecs of Arabic calendar 2018.

Islamic Calendar 2018

16 MayWednesday04:34 am7:15 pm
17 MayThursday04:34 am7:15 pm
18 MayFriday04:33 am7:16 pm
19 MaySaturday04:33 am7:16 pm
20 MaySunday04:32 am7:17 pm
21 MayMonday04:32 am7:17 pm
22 MayTuesday04:31 am7:18 pm
23 MayWednesday04:31 am7:18 pm
24 MayThursday04:30 am7:19 pm
25 MayFriday04:30 am7:19 pm
26 MaySaturday04:29 am7:19 pm
27 MaySunday04:29 am7:20 pm
28 MayMonday04:28 am7:20 pm
29 MayTuesday04:28 am7:21 pm
30 MayWednesday04:28 am7:21 pm
31 MayThursday04:27 am7:22 pm
01 JuneFriday04:27 am7:22 pm
02 JuneSaturday04:27 am7:23 pm
03 JuneSunday04:27 am7:23 pm
04 JuneMonday04:26 am7:23 pm
05 JuneTuesday04:26 am7:24 pm
06 JuneWednesday04:26 am7:24 pm
07 JuneThursday04:26 am7:25 pm
08 JuneFriday04:26 am7:25 pm
09 JuneSaturday04:26 am7:25 pm
10 JuneSunday04:26 am7:26 pm
11 JuneMonday04:26 am7:26 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:26 am7:26 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:26 am7:27 pm
14 JuneThursday04:26 am7:27 p