qurani wazifa  Surah Fatiha: Recite 3 times daily for averting temperature.
Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Aal-i-Imram: To avoid sins
Surah Al-Maida: For averting hunger
Surah Al-Inam: To avoid any difficult situation
Surah Al-Iraf: For averting mouth-disease
Surah Al-Anfal: For gaining respect
Surah Al-Tauba, Surah Al-Yunus: In order to get rid of false claims
Surah Huud: In order to gain peace in a difficult situation
Surah Yusuf: If someone gets imprisonment in a false claim
Surah Al-Ra’ad: To avert the effects of magic on an infant child
Surah Ibrahim: For acceptance of prayers
Sure alhijr for lever problems
Surah Al-Nahl: For averting the danger
Surah Bani-Israel: For effective communication
Surah Al-Kahaf: For gaining back the employment
Surah Mariam: For cancerous diseases
Surah Taha: For marriages
Surah Al-Ambiya: For peace and happiness
Surah Al-Hajj: For performing Hajj
Surah Al-Mominoon: For avoiding sins and drugs
Surah Noor: For avoiding the false allegations
Surah Furqan: For threatening diseases
Surah Al-Shu’ara: For finding the lost ones
Surah Al-Namal: For profits
Surah Al-Qasas: For the lost ones
Surah Ankaboot: For the dead ones
Surah Al-Room: For avoiding quarrels between the husband and wife

Wazifa for safety in travel

For Safety
If some is set on a difficult journey or travel and feels unsafe, then heshe should do the following: Recite Surah Shams before moving on to the journey. Recite Surah 91 included in Chapter 30th of Quran.

Wazifa for your children

Daughters and sons both are the blessings of ALLAH. The pregnant women
should recite first 17 verses of Surah Yusuf at any time of the day. This would bestow the parents with a son Insha ALLAH. If the women cannot recite
the ayats then she should bind the amulet of it over her arm.

Wazifa for solution of every problems

For Solutions of Problems Recite the sure ikhlaas for 33 times every day for avoidingfacing problems. InshaALLAH the next day of reciting the dua would
spent happily.

wazifa protection from jinn evil

For If you think that Jins are disturbing you or they live in your house or bother you at all.Take a non alcoholic ink and write full bismillah on a piece of paper 35 times. You dont have to write zeer or zabar etc.Hang it in your house some where. No Jin will ever be able to enter that house.You must write it in wudu.

wazifa to make your child obedient

If Your children are not obedient or dont listen to you please read this every day:
Darood/Selavat 11 times Surah Al Ahkaf, Ayet no 15………..73 timesDarood/Selavat 11 times
Then do a dua everyday. Inshallah with few weeks they will all become very obedient to you.

wazifa to get back your job

If you lost your job and you want it back please do the following Darood/ Salavat 11 times
Surah Yusuf 13 times Darood/ Salavat 11 times
Then do a dua every day. The time and place must be the same every day.
Inshallah first day someone will tell you that you can have your old job back. Continue until some one gives you the news that you can have it back.
wazifa for protect your family
Nothing will happen to anyone in this hisar (Hisar means to encircle) except death. Do this to your house especially your children and your family.
Every night
Darood/Selavat 1 time
Surah Fatiha 1 time
Ayetal Kursi 1 time
4 kul (Surah Ikhlas, kafiroon, falak , Nas) 1 time each
Darood/salavat 1 time
Then in your imagination make a circle around everything you want to protect. Your children, house, family etc……complete the circle in your imagination.Everybody and everything in that circle will remain in Allah’s protection for one day.The day you will have any problem you will realize that you forgot to do the hisar that day.
If this hisar is done around a dead person Allah will stop the azab for one day as well.

wazifa For Allahs maarifat

For Allahs maarifat
If you are among those few people who want to get close to  Allah and want to love Allah just for the sake of Allah. Then read the word ALLAH  (not ya allah) everyday 1100 times. 
Salavat / Darood 1 time before and after. 
Best time to read is after midnight and you must be alone in the room. If you cant be alone or dont have a private room then just read it as you can.
After 41 days you will know yourself that you are very close to Allah. You will start to see the future and will be able to read peoples minds. You will start to see true dreams. Please dont tell anyone about what you see. Keep it a secret. If you told anyone about your dreams or what you see, it will stop. Be careful to keep quiet about it. Basically you will get kashf.
For sisters please continue reading it during periods. But without any salavat or darood.

wazifa for removing black magic

if you think someone has done black magic on you or you believe someone will do it in future. Indications of magic are that you see bad dreams or see animals in dreams please read Ya Mumeet-o …………….Allahs name…..72 times after every maghrib salah. The magic will not work on you. Please read Salavat / darood 9 times before and after

wazifa to stop your transfer

If in your job you have been transferred to another city or office and you don’t want to go there then do this.
After Esha salah/namaz read Surah Lahab (Quran Chap 30)…..21 times everyday but do not read Darood or Salavat or bismillah with this wazifa at all. I repeat do not read any bismillah or Darood/Salavat.
 Do not wear anything on your head. Your head must be bare. For women as well please do not wear anything on your head. You have to take off your hijab or scarf.
                        Do it until your transfer is stopped. Usually happens within a week.
wazifafor become wali allah

All Auliya Allah say that anyone who will read Surah Ikhlas 1000 times every day and will continue that for some time. He will know himself what Allah will give him. He will receive what Allah says in kuran……”Say I am the follower of the nation of Ibrahim, who had his full attention to Allah”
Meaning Sayyedina Ibrahim (Alaihis salam) never ever looked at anything except Allah himself. No other thought ever crossed his mind except Allah.
This Wazifa, only that person will do whom Allah will give the taufeeq/permission to do it. Who loves Allah and his Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wasallam) May allah give you the taufeeq to do this and to all of us. Darood/Salawat 11 times as usual before and after.