paradise and hell what is paradise and hell 
1. Jannat is an awfully tremendous and really stunning position.
2. It has been made via Allah Ta’ala for Muslims.
Three. It is partitions had been made from bricks of gold and silver and its cement is fabricated from musk.
Four. The bottom is product of saffron and ambergris (a wax-like substance).
5. As an alternative of gravel, there will be diamonds and pearls.
6. There are enormous mansions made of pearls, diamonds and attractive jewelry to apartment the residents of Jannat.
7. There are 100 ranks in Jannat. Each and every rank is as big in breadth as the sky to the ground. It is doors are so large that a rapid horse would have got to run seventy years to get from one aspect to one other.
Eight. There can be so many gifts in Jannat that you would not dream or consider about.
9. There will be more than a few forms of fruits, milk, honey, wine (sweet smelling, non-alcoholic) and different scrumptious varieties of meals for the Jannatis.
10. Jannatis will take delivery of clothes so stunning that no person on this world can have ever had destiny to wear.
Eleven. For assistance, 1000’s of “Ghilmaan” or smooth, pure servants shall be on hand and for company, beautiful “Hoors” (princesses) whose beauty will likely be so severe that if one Hoor really looked towards this world, the humans would become unconscious just through looking at her beauty and shining.
12. No person will consider sleepy or fall in poor health in Jannat.
Thirteen. Nobody can be scared or style death in Jannat.
14. There would not be any variety of challenge, obstacle, hardships or struggling however all forms of relief in Jannat.
15. Every wish, request and desire will likely be fulfilled in Jannat and the finest Ne’mat (blessing) in Jannat is to make Didaar (see) of Allah Ta’ala.
1. This position has been made for the Kaafirs (infidels), Munafiqs (hypocrites) and the sinful and depraved persons to are living. The Kaafirs will likely be imprisoned right here perpetually.
2. That is additionally a location the place there may be whole darkness and robust black fire, which has no shine to it.
3. It’s fire will proceed to get hotter. The fire of Hell is so powerful that if a pinpoint (equal to a tip of a needle) of it used to be thrown into this world each single person would die from its warmness.
4. If probably the most guards of Hell came to this world, individuals would all die just by using seeing his frightening face. Nobody would live on.
5. The Jahannamis will accept many special types of punishment. Large snakes and scorpions will bite them. Individuals can have their heads overwhelmed via colossal hammers. Men and women will suffer from extreme hunger and thirst. They will take delivery of a boiling scorching oil type of water to drink and poisonous thorny fruits to eat. When they consume this fruit it will get caught in the throat, and to clean it down they are going to ask for water and will take delivery of boiling scorching water. When ingesting this water, all their insides will spoil and wash away. The thirst will probably be so extreme that after consuming this water the lips will disintegrate away.
6. The Kaafirs will end up so helpless from this punishment that they’re going to wish for demise, but loss of life won’t come. They’re going to ask for each other’s recommendation and go to the safeguard of Hell, Hazrat Malik. They’ll ask him to converse to Allah Ta’ala of their fate. Hazrat Malik is not going to reply to them for a thousand years. After a thousand years, he’ll reply, “What are you telling me for, tell Him Whom you’ve disobeyed”. Then for a thousand years they will call Allah Ta’ala by means of His Merciful Names, and for a thousand years he will not reply. After a thousand years, Allah Ta’ala will reply, “stay away, stay in Hell, do not speak to Me”. Right now, the Kaafirs will end up completely hopeless of any sort of mercy and will begin screaming and crying just like the sound of donkeys. First they’re going to cry with tears. Then, when the tears conclude, they will cry with tears of blood. There will be tremendous gaping gaps of their cheeks as a result of the effects of their crying. The quantity of water and pus from crying might be a lot that if boats have been put into them, they would crusing. The face of Jahannamis can be so unhealthy that if a Jahannami were brought into this world, all the folks would die through watching at his face and from the foul stench.
7. Subsequently, for the Kaafirs, the quandary might be such that for each infidel a coffin shall be all set for them to the size of their top, and then they are going to be put into this coffin. Then, it will be set on hearth and it’ll be locked with a padlock of fire. It’s going to be then be put inside of a bigger coffin additionally made of fireplace and the hole between shall be set on hearth. A padlock with chains made of fireside can even be put around it. It’s going to then be put into one other coffin after which additionally set on fire and again can be locked with a lock of fireplace. All this can be then put right into a bonfire. Then all of the infidels will feel that they will never be ready to withstand another warmth and that this punishment is specifically punishment. There will continuously be punishment for them and it will never finish.
Eight. In spite of everything the Jannatis enter Jannat, simplest the Jahannamis might be left in Jahannam perpetually. At the moment, loss of life would be positioned in between Jannat and Dozakh within the form of a ram. Then a voice will name out to the Jannatis. They would peep with worry pondering that they’d be taken out of Jannat. Then, the voice will name out to the Jahannamis. They’d be pleased even as peeping pondering that they would be taken out from Dozakh. Then the voice would ask them if they recognize it (the ram). All will say, “yes, this is dying.” Then the ram will be slaughtered. The voice will say, “O Jannatis, you’ll reside without end and won’t die”. Then it could say, “O Jahannamis, you’re going to reside eternally and won’t die”. From this, the Jannatis can be ever pleased and the Jahannamis will probably be very sad
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