1. Separation magic at home betweenwife .sister.brothers to makeseparation between in these relation
2.. Malignancy Enmity of heart .. It start thefighting
3 disease magic …it can spread special and manydisease by magic
4 . The magic to kill someone. This magic is verydangerous and also calleda dangerous waar by this magic can finish the lifeof any one in this magic
the magician prepare a clay pot and write someamulet and search for devilsghost and to whom want to kill take the hair ofthat person or any thing ofthat person used and make doll from these thingslike hair or other thingsof that person tease that person by using

common pins or needls in thatdoll or statue made or by the help of powerfulghost devil drop this claypot to that person and the fighting and many
problems start at that personhome
5 .. Fix time period magic. This magic for yearmonth. Week and this forany work. If this magic prolonged and pass timelike year or many this canbe cure by the magician
6 .. Making mental by magic .. By the help ofmagic can make a healthyperson mentally ill
7. By the help of magic making the ghost evilsslaves and oder them to dowhat we want and by magic evil ghost enter inhuman body and give them painwhich is not bearable
8.. Ladies personal problems by the magicmenstural internal disturbance unbearable pain like feeling of burning. ,swelling ,vomiting, nausea , notfeeling well and specialy back painAnd not can give birth these are magic forspecialy female
10. In this magic can make the person lazy heshe can’t do any thing evencan’t do any work by his her wish even mind andheart not want to do anything and feel laziness and this magic for makingperson lazy
11 restrictions magic can stop marriages ,work ,divorce,sexual contact ,business restrictions and many more are includein this restriction magic
12. Eye sight magic this is done by firounmagician and Russian look likesnake this kind of magic can be learn by the helpof monkey eye
13 .. Love magic ,, by the help ofThis magic can bring love in otherperson heart if it is done for female so use themale water and this amulet
can write and can give female to drink
14. The magic which keep the person away fromIslam and shetan they happy
to keep men away from.Islam
15 . The magic on animals ,, the magic can alsobe done on.animals likethe milk of animal stop , sudden death ,and manyother diseases and manymore done by this magic