If you want to know your own isme azam 
So the easy method  is
First you  find your name’s adad 
To find the adad in urdu see picture given below
After foud your adad then your adad match to asmaul husna( allah’s 99 names)
And which name will 
matched it is your isme azam
If you not found your ime azam in any allah’s name
Then you take two name of allah and match 
It is your isme azam
For example my name’s adad is 187 i not found in allah’s name so i take two names from asmaul husna the two names are ya allahu and ya subhanu(ya allahu adad is 66 and ya subhanu adad is 121 so 121+66=187 )
So this type  i found my isme  azam
So this  type you also found it with picture given below 
Method of read your isme azam is 
Multiple ×2 of your isme azam’s adad 
For example  my adad is 187 and multiple ×2 is 384 
So i read this after every namaz 384 time