Hafidhh Ibn Kathir writes: 
A shepherd was with his goats. Upon which a wolf came and grabbed one goat and ran. The shepherd then chased after the wolf to get the goat back. The wolf then spoke to him and said, “Why do you take what food (rizq) which Allah has provided for me?” The shepherd was astonished that the wolf spoke. The wolf again said, “If you are so surprised that I can talk then go to Madina. You will find the last of the Prophets, and he can inform you of the Past and the Future”. The shepherd left his goats and went straight to the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) and mentioned his experience. The Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) replied, “The wolf spoke the truth” Isnad (chain of narrators) for this hadith is (Jayid) Authentic. 
[Taareekh: Chapter of Miracles of Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace]