The proof in the Quran that shows that people  really get possessed is in the following ayat:{ “… do not stand except like the one that theshaitan has touched.”} Baqara: 275
And in the time of prophet Muhammed (May Allah’speace and blessings be upon him), he said to a personthat was possessed, ” Exit oh enemy of Allah. Exit ohenemy of Allah.” 
In another narration, he (May Allah’s peace andblessings be upon him) said, ” Exit oh enemy ofAllah. I am the messenger of Allah. ” The following information is from shaikh AbdulRahman Kajajj, who has been an imam for more than 20years, and has performed more than 100 exorcisms onmany people that became possessed: 
A person may become possessed and overpowerd by ajinn for 4 reasons:
1. The person commits many sins.
2. The person laughs too much, and heedless of theenvironment.
3. The person is overly scared (paranoid) and getsaffected. 

4. The person is overly forgetfull and gets affected. 
These jinns that possess people are of manytypes; they may speak a variety of languages just likepeople, and may be muslims or of other faiths likeJewish, Christian, Sikh just like people. They alsoare of different sexes. A male jinn could possesss achild, in which case the voice would become deeper. Afemale jinn may also possess a male, in which case the
voice may become higher pitched. When the victim becomes possessed, the victim
does not recall any of the events that occur whilebeing in that state. The jinn speaks through the bodyof the victim. The jinn may possess the person for along period of time, even for years. It is recommendedto record the sounds coming from the posessed before theexorcism, as the person will not recollect any of theevents that occurred while being possessed. This waythe person can hear himself or herself in the previouscondition. 
In some possessions, the jinn would easily exitthe body. However in other cases, the jinn will refuseto leave. The shaikh mentions that it is like anapartment that is for rent. If the jinn likes theplace (i.e. the body), it will not want to leave. Thejinn would prefer to stayin a body that is used tocommiting sins. In some cases, the jinn may possess part of thebody and move throughout the body. On exiting the body, the jinn may leave by air,
i.e. through the breath, or by the flowing of blood.One can check the color of the blood that is excreted.If it is red, it indicates the jinn is still insidethe body. If the color is dark black, the jinn hasexited. 
Here is the procedure to perform the exorcism. is the procedure to perform the exorcism. The exorcism should be performed by someone whois experienced, from the shuyukh, that fear Allah. 
1. Make wudhu, and make sure that the house is clean,and that there are no images in the house. Remove all amulets that may be on the possessed person, so it isfree from shirk. 
2. Then place your hand on the forehead of thepossessed person, and speak close to the ear of thepossessed. 
3. Start by reciting istaadha (saying i seek refuge inAllah against the cursed shaitan). All the recitalshould be done loudly, and slowly. 
4. Then prayers for the prophet (May Allah’s peaceand blessings be upon him).
5. Then say several duas asking Allah’s protection,like ” Oh Allah protect us from this enemy.”, 
6. Then surah fatihah.
7. Then observe the person, you will notice some orall these symptoms: 
a) Yelling , shouting, screaming.
b) Yawning much or much laughter.
c) Staring at you.
d) Staring down. 
8. Then some ayaats from surah Baqarah the beginning,at least the first 10 ayats, then ayatul qursi, and
the last 10 ayats of surah baqarah. If one knows thewhole of surah baqarah, then recite the whole of baqarah. If one is knowledgable, one can say ayats from different places in the Quran, like a dars.
The jinn will at this point try tostart conversing. Try avoiding conversing, as the jinnwill try to weaken your resolve, and become strong. 
9. If one does talk, one should only ask a couple  questions to the jinn. It is recommended not to asktoo many questions to the jinn, just a couplequestions. The jinn will try to weaken the personsresolve by conversing. One could ask the jinn if itis a muslim or nonmuslim, and why it possessed theperson. Then immediately command the jinn to exit thebody. 
10. If the jinn is a muslim, you can tell the jinnthat muslims are friends of each other, and it shouldleave the person, as he is also a mulsim. If the jinnis a nonmuslim, one can invite the jinn to Islam. Ifit accepts, tell him that it is prohibited to possess someone. If it rejects, then tell it it must leave.
11. The jinn will come up with excuses on why it can’tleave. Most of the time these excuses are usuallylies. The jinn might say something like that itdoesn’t have food, and it will go hungry if it leaves.For this excuse one could tell the jinn that it couldeat the bones that is thrown out by the people. Itmight also say that it is afraid of being harmed forsome reason. One could then tell the jinn that it canrecite ayatul kursi or some other ayats forprotection. It might say that it has no place to go.One could then tell the jinn that it could go themasjid, namely the minaret of the masjid, and be withcompany of the pious jinns. 
12. The jinn may also threaten to kill or harm familymembers if it is not left alone. This is a lie, andthe person performing the exorcism should tell thejinn, that if it claims that it will kill or harmsomeone else, why doesn’t it harm or kill me who isright in front of it. 
13. One should continuously recite ayats from Quran,as it works like a laser in expelling the jinn. 
14. Some of the jinns are peaceful, some strong, somewant to fight, some are knowledgable, some are   gnorant, just like humans. 
15. If the jinn does not know how to exit, tell him tolisten, and command him to exit with the breath. Onecould also put a needle on the tip of the finger, and observe the color of the blood. 
16. To check if the jinn has exited, recite ayats fromthe Quran. If the jinn is still present, you willnotice the sysmptoms mentioned in 7. If the jinn hasleft, the person would awake and be conscious and talknormally. 
17. In the case the jinn still has not left, oneshould start beating the possessed person in twoplaces: Either the palms of the hands, or the soles ofthe feet. One should hit these two places with a stickor rod until the jinn leaves. The possessed personwill not feel the aftereffects of the beating in thesetwo places afterwards.
18. Keep reciting the Quran until it exits. 
19. In some cases, the jinn may come back andrepossess the person. In this case tell the person tomake wudhu immediately, recite ayats from Quran,pray, repent to allah, and dhikr, to prevent thejinn from reposessing the person afterwards, andprotecting himself. 
20. In some cases the person becomes possessed bacauseof sihr (a magic spell), in this case the person mayshow symptoms of crying, or vomiting, or stomachaches. In this case bring some water, recite someayats and duas on the water, and tell the person todrink the water. Take some black seed oil (AlhabbatuSauda), mix it with honey, and give it to the personto drink, two spoonfulls two times daily. 
21. The person should be in a program to pray ona regular basis, and say much dhikrs on a daily basis,and not to listen to music, avoid backbiting, avoidmovies, and other things that make a personsusceptible to the jinn.