harut and marut The history and story of Harut, Marut  In the reign of King and Prophet Suleman alaihissalam , satan managed and succeeded in impersonating the Prophet for forty days by means of the mighty signet-ring on which used to be inscribed the finest title of Allah. “suleman alaihissam” was once exiled from his own land and no person known him to be the very King and Prophet.
For the period of these forty days satan wrote a few books on witchcraft and buried them under the throne of  “suleman alaihissam” The Jinns used ordinary and treacherous ploys to persuade folks that “suleman alaihissam” derived power and kingdom via ‘witchcraft’. To show his words, he exhumed the books from underneath the throne and confirmed them to the individuals. For this reason the people have been interested in magic; they thought they’d be grasp of their destiny via going through witchcraft and that superb vigour could be invested to them.
However, satan unfold corruption and discordance among the many men and women. Just a few of them had been God-fearing ones, but it surely was no longer an handy work for them to make one of these people return to the trail of success. The hindrance worsened! So, allah the Lord of the universe, the Lord of man and angels, the Lord of devil and Jinn break up open the heaven and let the angels see what mankind used to be doing and when the angels noticed guys committing fallacious they stated: “These humans you created together with your hand, to whom you made the angels prostrate, to whom you taught names of everyrhing are committing incorrect.”
The scene the angels witnessed on man, impelled them to make derogatory remarks on mankind, criticizing the humans on the planet and their illegal ruling. Allah stated to them, “but should you were of their place, you could possibly be doing the same thing.” In an extra source and way of life, it’s stated that Allah stated to the angels, “I gave mankind ten carnal wants and it’s via these they disobey me.”
So, Allah challenged the angels to do better if placed underneath the same condition. They accredited and stated, “O’ Lord, in case you supply us these carnal wants we might descend and we might judge with justice.” The angels were commanded to decide upon one who can be despatched to Earth and finally chose Harut and Marut.
Allah stated to them, “Go down, i’ve given you ten carnal desires so decide between the people.” So the two angels, Harut and Marut were despatched to the town of Babylon (Capital of historic Babylon on the bank of the curb Euphrates River. The website online if now of iraq, 88km/55 miles South of Baghdad and 8km/5 miles north of Hilla, which is constructed cheifly of bricks from the ruins of Babylon). The Holy Qu’ran referes to Babylon and the two angels, Harut and Marut in Chaper 2 Verse 102.
The 2 ANGELS despatched TO BABYLON
Harut was once sent as a decide whereas Marut as a scholar with the instructional materials to prevent the grave sins of idolatry, fornication, homicide and the consumption of wine. They lived, and consumed food as human beings. Their judgement were appraised. Then one day a lady named Zuhra appeared to them, she used to be wonderously beautiful as she was given half of all beauty. They have been captivated with the aid of the charms and beauty of Zuhra. Now, Zuhra knew that the 2 men were no normal individuals. She notion that theymust be different creatures in human varieties who’ve received secrets and techniques. Accordingly she tried her quality by the use of her beauty and tips to convey out the secret.
The 2 angels,harut and marut by means of the greatest name of Allah might depart the Earth in no time to thier abode in heaven. They used this secret to ascend to heaven whever they wished. Zuhra desired in any respect expenditures to grasp the secrets of Harut and Marut; so she invited them to her location, served them with the satisfactory food. Now, they desired to comimit adultery with her as they were captivated by means of her beauty, however she mentioned. “No, no longer until you companion ‘partners’ with God, consume wine, murder an individual and prostrate before idol.” They stated, “we are not able to companion some thing with God.” Then one in all them mentioned, “Return to her”. But she stated “no longer except you drink.”
They were then stated with wine, and the dance of Zuhra accompanied through song injected a satanic atmosphere, in order that they forgot their mission and commited a number of sins with a purpose to win her favours. On the monet she was granting her favours a beggar was once passing by means of and witnessed their misconduct, but they killed him. And in the course of their state of inebriety they disclosed their greatest secret which Allah has vouchsafed to them. Accordingly Zuhra got here to understand the finest name of Allah! The secret she eagerly wanted to understand with the aid of leaving no stone unturned, had been ultimately unveiled to her!
Whe the 2 angels have been committing mistaken with Zuhra beneath the result of wine, as they have been each intoxicated; Allah plit open the heaven and the nagels noticed how their two brothers have been misonducting, they stated: “Glory to You, you understand better”, the other angles took this episode as a lesson and warning and they kept away from bearing the conviction thatthey would do higher than man even with cranl wants. Allah knows perfectly the weak spot of man as a result of his Nafs or wants, but however He wishes man to achieve the finest intention although he is inclined to evil. Just think how the greed and desires of man pulled him to the edge of sins, however he just thinks of Allah and strikes away, this is in fact the greatest motion he has completed and reward for him either here or in the hereafter will likely be countless.
Now, man isn’t most effective the target of his evil wants but in addition the main goal of devil. Man has hence to fight together with his own self and satan. How great is that man who is spite of all these traps exposing on his approach reaches effectively the gate of bliss. A Sufi poet as soon as said “Jubilantly I float onto the livid waves; For life with out trouble is a hell for the brave.” could Allah help us to reach our destination successfully and allow us to no longer be enslaved by means of our passions and wants but alternatively let us be the masters of our desires and may Allah shield us from Satanic thoughts, Ameen.
The two angels, Harut and Marut had been inclined as hman beings they usually have been unable to means-out from the ladies wiles and other offecnes. The ten carnal wants Allah gave to them had been as if ten devils they ought to fight and exterminate but that was not an handy assignment despite the fact that they had been angels. They did notever realize how much man have to attempt the evil dictation of his desries; how much man must be stilled as the mountain confronting the fierce winds of evil ideas, temptation an desires. Harut and Marut boasted they might do better than man in previaling justice and peace on this planet, but unfortunately they grew to be the prey for a stunning lady.
WHAT happened TO ZUHRA?
Zuhra who came to understand the finest name of Allah from the two angels without delay uttered the identify and she or he disappeared from the surface of the Earth, and she was certainly not obvious once more. The Lord nevertheless forgave her fot eh sins she commited, however she used to be refused entry into Paradise, as a substitute, Allah changed her into the planet ‘Venus’; she will probably be therefore except the tip of time. Venus can also be obvious in the sky in the early morning or night.
When Harut and Marut grew to be spber, they realised how they’d transgressed and what had befalled them. They tried to acscend to heaven by using uttering the finest title of Allah, but they were made to omit it. They, for this reason, realised how Allah’s phrase had turned proper. They prostrated and prayed to win Allah’s forgiveness, they repented. Allah then said to them, “You reproached man for his erroneous nature; now you have got obvious that having carnal desires as his, you will act never another way, and all his iniquity has emerge as yours!”
the 2 angels harut and marut  have been left to decide upon between punishment of this world and the external pains of hell, they favored to expiate their offence right here on earth. The Lord approved, and it was Prophet sulaiman (AS) whom Allah inspired after the recovery of his kingdom to make the two angels choose between the 2; ‘the earthly punishement or the eternal fire!’ the two angels had been put in fetters from their ankles to their neck and they were positioned in a distinctive well within the Babel. The angels, Harut and Marut had been strung up by way of their ft where they have been in torment ever due to the fact. It is mentioned that they’re strung up through their feet every day between the hour og Maghrib and Isha, such can be their punishment until the day of judgement. They’ll then be forgiven and will acquire their angelic nature and domicile. Inshallah.
THE MAGIC academics AND scholars
Harut and Marut had been placed in the good and all individuals who were keen to be trained magic, flocked to them for instructional materials. The 2 angels started to instruct them magic or witchcraft amd they grew to be fine lecturers of magic. In chapter 2 verse 102 of the Holy Qu’ran Allah says:
They (the Jews) followed what the devils taught in the reign of sulaiman; now not that Sulaiman used to be unbelieving, but the devils were unbelieving. Sorcery did they coach to guys, and what had been printed to the two angels, Harut and Marut, at Babel. Yet no mad did they teach except they had stated, “We areonly a temptation.” Be not then an unbeliever. From these two did humans be trained find out how to intent division between man and wife; however unless by way of depart of God, no man did damage thereby. They realized, indeed, what would harm and no longer profit them: and but they knew he who bought that art must don’t have any part in the existence to come! And vile the cost in for which they bought themselves. If that they had but recognized it!
In step with this verse Allah informs us that on the time of Sulaiman (AS), the Jinn who personated him for forty days was unbelieving however Sulaiman (AS), certainly not disbelieved. Some persons at that time were made to feel by means of devil that Suleman alaihissalam  derived his energy and kingdom via witchcraft, but Allah eliminated the false accusations against the Prophet by means of informing the fact via this verse. Once more, the 2 angels taught guys magic, sorcery but after they had warned the can be pupil of mgic, “we’re simplest a temptation, for this reason, disbelieve no longer within the steering of Allah.”
regarding the above verse we are also told about seperation between huband and spouse! Many types of witchraft are discovered via man to damage man, but the sorcery to disunite a husband from his wife had been spread that moment by using the 2 angels. Correctly Al-Ghazzali , Ihya-Ulum-Al-Din, in the chapter of Attachment of the arena, he reported a hadith where the Prophet (Peace and benefits be Upon him), is attributed to have said: “beware of the world, as it’s a sorcerer better than Harut and Marut”. We as a result affirm that truth Harut and Marut did educate sorcery after normal warning had been given.
the 2 angels taught guys the entire esoteric arts and branches of occult potential; astrology, alchemy, numerology, the remedy arts and magic. Although the roots of astrology return to anceint Babylon and assyria, it was the Greeks who took over the Babylonian Zodiac and went on to increase the first identified horoscopes. Astrology grew to be very trendy in Greece.
These sciences displaying how human souls could turn out to be prpared to endeavor upon the world of the elements, both without the help of celestial concerns. These sciences are forbideen by using the religious laws, on the grounds that they are hazardous and require their practitioners to direct themselves to being as opposed to Allah, akin to stars amongst these Venus, and other matters. These sciences have been cultivated among Assyrian and Chaldean (inhabitants of abylon) and mong Copts of Egypt and others. They composed books coping with sorcery and left know-how on these sciences. A number of of these books had been translated. One of the books is the Falaha-an-Nabatiyah through Ibn Wahshiyah, a Babylonian work. Therefore people realized the science of sorcery from that work and developed it manifold branches. However, these sciences breed nothing however total destruction of religion! And faith is the important thing to heaven.
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in step with Ibn Kaldun, the that means of sorcery is as follows: Human souls are one in species, but they vary in view of their targeted traits. They’re of unique sorts and each and every type of soul. These characteristics come to its certain sort of soul.
The souls of the prophets have certain quality by means of which they are prepared to have divine talents, to be addressed through the angels within the title of Allah, and to exercise the influence upon created beings that goes with all that…
The souls of special sorcerers even have the high-quality of being ready to undertaking have an effect on upon created beings and to draw the spirituality of the celebrities, in order that they are able to use it for being energetic among created being and to be in a position to endeavor an have an impact on via both a psychic or satanic vigour. Now, prophets are competent to exercise their impact with the help of Allah and by the use of divine quality. The souls of soothsayers, have the quality enabling them to realize supernatural matters by means of satanic powers. As a consequence, every kind of soul is individual with the aid of its particular excellent, which does no longer exist in some other form.
The souls which have magical ability are of three levels. The first style exercises its affect purely by means of intellectual vigor, without any instrument or support. That is what the thinker’s term sorcery. The second workouts its influences with the support of the temper of the spheres and the elements, or with the help of houses of numbers. This is known as Talisman. It is weaker in degree than the primary one. The 1/3 exercises its have an impact on upon the powers of creativeness, he’s someway active in them. He plants among the many different different types of phantasms, portraits and photos whichever he intends to make use of. Then he brings them down to the level of sensual belief of the observers with the aid of the vigour of his soul that exercises an impact over that sensual perception. Thus, the phantasms and so on, appear to the observers to exist within the outside phrase, even as in fact, there may be nothing of the form. For instance, a man or woman is claimed to have obvious gardens, rivers or castles, whilst correctly, there used to be no such things. That is what the philosophers term ‘prestidigitation, (Sha’badhah). These are the one-of-a-kind degree of sorcery.
Nonetheless, religious regulation put sorcery, talismans and prestidigitation into one and the identical classification, on the grounds that they may cause harm. It brands them as forbidden and unlawful. The Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings be Upon him) is suggested to have stated “There are special magicians amongst my followers. Don’t name on them when they’re unwell, do not offer funeral prayers for them when they die and don’t greet them with salutations whilst you occur to fulfill them.” nonetheless, the occult sciences are correctly makes an attempt of man toward spiritualism however by means of means contrary to divine injunction.
in keeping with Urwah-ab-l-Zubayr, the mum of believers Aisha (RA) is said to have said: a girl from the men and women of Dumat al-Janbal got here to appear me. She arrived seeking the Messenger of Allah after he had lately handed away, to ask him about sorcery which had become worried in but had not practised. Aisha (RA) said to Urwa: “O’ son of my sister, i realized that she cried when she didn’t to find the Messenger of Allah to relief her. She cried unless I confirmed compassion for her, she mentioned, ‘i’m afraid that i’ve been ruined! I had a husband who left me, and an historic lady came to me and i complained to her about that’. Then she mentioned , ‘should you do what I let you know, I shall make him come again to you’. Then when the night fell, she got here with two black puppies, she hooked up one in every of them and i installed the opposite one. Very quickly we had stopped at Babil, where there have been two men suspended by their toes, they stated ‘What brought you here’, I stated i might learn sorcery, they stated, we are a trial; don’t disbelieve return! I refused and said No. They said ‘Go to this oven and urinate on it.’ So I went however I was terrified and lower back back. Have you executed it?, they asked, I stated, ‘yes’, They said, ‘Did you see anything?, I stated, ‘No’. They said, ‘You did not do it-return to your place, don’t disbelieve, you’re in control of your affairs.’ however I stayed and refused to move. They stated, ‘Go and urinate.’ So I went and urinated into the oven and that i saw a horsemen wearing an iron masks come out of me and go as much as the sky, and he disappeared from my view so that I could now not see him. Then I came and stated I’ve finished it, and informed them what I noticed. They said ‘you are speakme the reality. That used to be your faith leaving you, go.’ I mentioned to the girl I discovered nothing. They taught me nothing. The girl replied, ‘No, you’re going to not want for anything without it going down. Take this wheat and sow it.’ I sowed it and that i said, ‘Sprout’ and it sprouted, then I said, ‘Burgeon forth’, and it bourgeoned forth. I mentioned ‘Ripen’, and it ripened. I said ‘Be milled’ and it used to be milled, ‘Be baked’ and it used to be baked. Once I saw everything, i needed for would happen. I used to be horrified and by means of God I repented. ‘O’ mother of the faithful. By way of God i’ve by no means completed any sorcery nor will I ever do.’
Angels are creatures of Allah. They are made from ‘gentle’. They are endowed with life, speech and rationale. The angels are sanctified from carnal wants and the disturbance of anger; they disobey not Allah in what He commanded them, however they participate in what they are commanded. Their meals is the celebrating of the glory of Allah, their drink the proclamation of His holiness; their dialog, the commeneration of Allah, Whose identify be exalted. The angels’ pleasure is worshipping Allah, and they are created in unique types and with one of a kind powers.
Now, on making allusion to the 2 angels who had been sent to Babil, Harut and Marut, we see that they possessed traits rather then angels; that is that they are free from carnal desires, they never turned irritated and so on; however when they have been allowed to look the disturbances occurring amongst mankind, they blamed man for his misconduct. They made such remarks by means of their angelic nature, that is, as they did not bear any carnal desires as man. However when Allah told them if they had been in the situation of man they might have achieved the equal things. Harut and Marut would not think otherwise than what’s just right through their angelic nature; so they might not think appearing themselves just like the son of man in the event that they had been to be despatched on earth! The two thought that they’d be doing the virtuous matters and supplying excellent judgment among man however the burdens of ten carnal desires which man has, and how ought to the son of Adam (AS) struggle together with his possess self to prosper. So, Allah wanted the 2 angels to appreciate the problem of man, not via lecturing them, but as an alternative by way of sending them in human varieties with ten carnal wants as man in order that they’d come to know themselves that the creature they have been blaming for committing fallacious, did so by using the carnal desires Allah created inside themselves.
So the lesson Allah desired to instruct the 2 angels had been fully comprehended with the aid of them, after they’d sinned on this planet. Allah who is the compassionate and the Merciful will provide Harut and Marut their angelic role on the day of judgment. In the intervening time they’re suspended in a well in Babil as a temporary punishment herein order to experience an eternal bliss in heaven.