Grandson of Alaa Hazrat Mohammad. Sibtain Niazi We have appropriate needs of Following Personalities Al Haaj Hazrat Subhan Raza Khan (Subhani Miya)
Grandson of Alaa Hazrat Mufti e Azam Hind, (Bareilly Shariff) Sajjada Nasheen Dargah e Alaa Hazrat. Bareilly Shariff.
Mohd. Sibtain Niazi. (Shabbu Mian) Khanqahe Niazia, Khuwaja Qutubm Bareilly Shariff.
Mutawalli Abdul Wajid Khan Mutawaali of Dargah Hazrat Shehdaana wali, Bareilly Shariff
Hazrat Shehdaana wali is Mamu of Chote Sarkar and Bade Sarkaar in Badaaiyon…
Hazrat Ajjat Raza Khan
( Son of Hazrat Al Haaj Akhtar Raza Khan (Azhari Miya) Grandson of Alaa Hazrat Mufti e Azam Hind, (Bareilly Shariff)
Hazrat Peer Sayyed Aarif Saheb Shaikhul Hadees. Khalifa of Alaa Hazrat, Committee Member Dargah Saiyyad Salar Masood Ghazi (Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh)
(Peer of the Webmaster of this Site)
Hazrat Tauqeer Raza Khan (Tauqeer Miya) Grandson of Alaa Hazrat Mufti e Azam Hind, (Bareilly Shariff)
President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. (Yajeed) President of All Indaa Itihad-e-Milllat Council.
Hazrat Shahaji Jehangir Ali Sajjada Nashin of Hazrat Saiyed Mira Ali Datar Dargah (Unnava,Unjha, Guj Syed Zakaria Gurdezi Khadim of Khwaja Garib Nawaz (Ajmer, India)
Hazrat Sayed Harat)
Hazrat Sayed Sadiq Sahab Trustee of Hazrat Balle Shah Peer. Bhayender.
(Dargah On Essel World Road)
Hazrat Ataullah Tungekar Cheif Trustee of the Dargah Mukim Shah Baba (Uran)
Chief Trustee of Uran Juma Masjid. Dr. Munavvar Sultana Shaikh.B.H.M.S
Consulting physician and Counsellor.
M.S.HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-speciality Holistic Clinic,
Infertilty, Pcos, Allergies &Preventive Healthcare
No29, 1st flr, fifth cross, fifth blk, Koramangala,Bangalore-560095.
Mr. Vineet Kulkarni Advocate High Court.
All the above personalities have personally visited our website and have
given their good wishes verbally and additionally in written letters to Aulia-e-hind.Com Team
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