Rumi on Fake Sufis(peer)
Jalal ud din Rumi (Rehmatullah alayhi) on Fake Sufis:
Since he has no light, how can others receive light through associating with him?
Like a blind man who cures eyes: With what will he anoint your eyes other than wool?
He has no scent or trace of God, but his claims are greater than those of Seth or Adam.
The devil himself is embarrassed to appear before him; he keeps on saying, “We are of the saints and even greater.”
He steals many of the words of the dervishes, so that people may think he really is someone.
In his talks he even cavils at Bayazid; Yazid himself is ashamed of him. (*) (Bayazzid a righteous person however Yazid here is referred as a tyrant and wrong ruler)
He is destitute of the bread and provisions of heaven: God has not thrown him a single bone.
[From the Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi, Book I, vv. 2265-68, 72-76, translated by W. C. Chittick in “The Sufi Path of Love: the Spiritual Teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi,” p. 145-6.]