This is a internationani Muslim Hanfi Islamic website.

The first basic motive of starting this website is To love Almighty Allah and His beloved Messenger, Sayyiduna Rasulullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) And Loved Our Peer king Of Awliya Ashshaikh Huzur saiyadina Alhasani Husaini Almaruf  Sarkar Gose Azam Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Albagdadi
 Raziallahu Tala Anh

The second basic motive of starting this website is that people of different race and religions from all over the world become able to get free spiritual healing and consultancy and become aware “Spiritual and Self Development” with the help of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet.

Our work And Mission

our Team And our Trust “Gose Azam Education Trust”
Our mission is to spread his teachings to entire Muslim Ummah, his teachings are the true teaching of
Prophet Muhammad Salal La Ho Alai Hi Wasal’lam(Peace be upon him).
our Team
is working for madrasa maktab   build new madrasas and maktab for Boys and Girls for Giving  Free Knowledge Of Islam.
We Are sunni Hanfi Maslak.
If Any One want to Join Our Team And want to Do Something For Islam so He Contact us.
If any Brother or sister Want To Donate Zakat, Khairat,Sadqa,Isale sawab for  any dead person so They also contact us And Make Sawabe Jariyah Allah Blessed you
Our Madrasas And Maktab

1)Madrase Faizane Gose Azam
2)Madrase Imam Ahmad Raza

New Building in process

Madrase Gareeb Nawaz

Adress of our Maktab  (madrasas)

Madrase Faizane Gose Azam
Near Kamagar Masjid Near Lindi Bazar char Rasta
 city -Jamnagar

Madrasae Imam Ahmad Raza
Near saiyad ali peer Dargah Road gareeb Nawaz Farm
 city -Jamnagar

Madrasae Gareeb Nawaz
Maharaja society Hapa Road
 city -Jamnagar

In our Web Site you will find wazifas,tibbe nabawi.ruhani elaj,how to know you own isme azam and Islamic articles in urdu ,hindi ,english and gujrati and islamic sms,Naat in mp3 Bayanat in Mp3 speeches of different scholars, translation of Holy Quran in Urdu and English,naat Sharif in mp3, islami books in english ,urdu,hindi and gujrati also and tafsire quran in mp3 naat lyrics Hadith Qudsi, and lots of valuable authentic Islamic information.

Islam is a unique religion which is independent of race, region, language and all other barriers. We are trying to expand our site in different languages so people around the world can benefit from it, please help us in our mission.,