It is reported by Sayyīdunā ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbās raziallahu tala anhu that Amīr-ul-Mūminīn Sayyīdunā ‘Ušmān ibn ‘Affān -raziallahu tala anhuasked the Holy Prophet -sallallahu alaihi wasallam
 ( about the excellence of) bismillahirahma nirraheem The Holy Prophet . ٰsallallahu alaihi wasallam
 answered, ‘This is a name from amongst the names of Allah  and the closeness between it and Allah’s

 [the most Holy name of Allah ] is like that of between the
 blackness of the eye and the whiteness of the eye.’(Al-Mustadrak,
 pp. 250, vol. 2, Ḥadīš 2071)
My dear Islamic brothers! There are many virtues of the Mutakallimīn, Maulānā Naqī ‘Alī Khān has stated,َّ ِم ْح ِ الله ْس بِ Some scholars have commented that’bismillahirahma nirraheem
It is reported from the Sovereign of Baghdad, Ghauš-ul-A’ẓam, 
Shaykh ‘Abdul Qādir al-Jīlānī  raziallahu tala anhu that bismillahirahma nirraheemfrom the tongue of an ‘Ārif (an ‘Ārif is one who recognizes  Allah is like kun (i.e. be) from the words of Allah (Aḥsan-ul-Wi’ā, p. 66)
Endeavours Go Unfinished The Beloved and Blessed Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallamhas stated, 
 ‘Any important endeavour which is started without (invoking) bismillahirahma nirraheem goes unfinished.’ (Ad-Dur-rul-Manšūr, pp. 26,)
My dear Islamic brothers! In order to induce blessings in our 
 virtuous and lawful acts, we should recite  bismillahirahma nirraheem Before eating, drinking, putting things down, picking things up, washing, cooking, reading, studying, teaching, walking, 
 driving, getting up, sitting down, turning on the light, turning 
 on the fan, laying the dining mat, folding or spreading the bed 
 sheet, opening the shop, locking or opening the lock, applying 
 oil or perfume, delivering a speech, reciting a Na’at, wearing 
 shoes, adorning the ‘Imāmaĥ Sharif, closing or opening the 
 door, that is to say, before starting any lawful act (where there 
 is no Shar’ī prohibition), it is a great virtue to develop the habit of reciting bismillahirahma nirraheem in order to earn plentiful bounties.