Saintly miracle of A’la Hadrat

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This shows that at the shrines of saints Du’as are accepted, pleas are listened to and desires are fulfilled. In his own words, A’la a rat ” !, – . has related his personal incident which took place when he was a young man of 21 years. He – . has stated, ‘On 17th Rabi’-ul-Akhir 1293 A.H., when I was 21 years of age, I was fortunate enough to visit the blessed shrine of the eminent saint Ma bub-e-Ilahi, Ni am-ul- aq Waddin, Sultan-ul-Auliya along with my honourable father and Shaykh Maulana Muhammad ‘Abdul Qadir Badayuni
Outside, there was offensive and disturbing activity all around the blessed shrine. It was so noisy and deafening that one could hardly hear anything else. Both the dignified saints, with their peaceful hearts, entered the sacred chamber of the shrine where the tomb of Sultan-ul-Auliya ” !, – . was situated and occupied themselves.
I, disturbed by the noise of the evil activities, stood at the blessed doorstep and requested in the court of Sultan-ul-Auliya  my Master! These noises are causing hindrance to what this servant has come here for.’ Then,reciting K bismillahirrahmanirrahim placed my right foot inside the blessed chamber and, by the grace of Almighty Allah the noise
was no more. I thought that people had perhaps become silent but as I turned around, I saw the same immoral activities go on there. When I placed my foot outside the chamber, there was the same noise again. Reciting ‘bismillahirrahmanirrahim ) K s’ I placed my right foot inside the blessed chamber again. By the grace of Allah , the noise was no more again. I then realized that this was a divinelybestowed saintly miracle of Sultan-ul-Auliya ” !, – . and mercy and assistance for me, a worthless servant.
Expressing gratitude, I entered the blessed chamber and occupied myself. Until I
remained there, I did not hear any noise. When I came out, I was disturbed by the same noisy environment, even facing difficulty in getting to my accommodation situated at some distance from the blessed shrine. I have mentioned this incident of mine with some righteous intentions. Firstly, it was a divine favour for me, and Allah  has said regarding His favours:
And proclaim the favours of your Rab abundantly.

[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 30, Surah AD-Eu9a, verse 11)
In addition, this contains glad tidings for the devotees of blessed saints and causes trouble for those who deny. O Allah
For the sake of Your beloved ones
grant us the unlimited blessings of Your beloved saints !
in this world, in the
Hereafter, in the grave, and on the Day of Judgement.’

Dear Islamic brothers! This is a parable of Delhi, the city of 22 saints. This incident
contains a saintly miracle of Khuwajah Ma bub-e-Ilahi, Ni amuddin Auliya ” !, – .
as well as that of A’la a rat When A’la a rat . stepped into the chamber where the blessed tomb was situated, he would not hear the noise of drumbeating and other musical instruments. We have also learnt from this parable that even if some ignorant people are committing such acts not allowed by Shari’ah at the shrines of the Auliya [saints] and we are unable to prevent them, we should not still deprive ourselves of visiting the blessed shrines of Auliya. However, it is Wajib to abstain from getting involved in these evil acts and to consider them evil in our heart. One should even refrain from looking at such things.

wazifa bismillah for  black jinn

Once, in the pleasant atmosphere of Masjid-un-Nabawi / 0 1
Sayyiduna ‘Umar Faruq A’ am and some other honourable companions !(
were having a discussionabout the excellence of the Holy Quran. During the discussion, Sayyiduna ‘Amr BinMa’dikarib ! politely said, ‘O leader of believers! Why don’t you talk about the marvels of bismillahirrahmanirrahim  swear by Allah bismillahirrahmanirrahim is a great marvel.’ Sitting up straight, Sayyiduna ‘Umar Faruq A’ am ! responded, ‘O Abu Šaur! (This was the Kunyah1 of Sayyiduna ‘Amr Bin Ma’dikarib) Please tell us about any such
marvel.’ Sayyiduna ‘Amr Bin Ma’dikarib ! said, ‘A severe famine once occurred
during (the pre-Islamic era) of ignorance. In search of food I passed by a jungle. From some distance, I caught sight of a tent. Near the tent was a horse and some cattle. As Iwent closer, I saw that inside the tent was a beautiful woman and an elderly man who was sitting leaning against something. Threatening the old man, I said, ‘Give me whatever you have!’ He replied, ‘O man! Ifyou need any hospitality from us, then please come. If you need help, we will help you.’ I said, ‘Stop making things up and give me whatever you have.’ The old man hardly
managed to stand up and, reciting bismillahirrahmanirrahim pounced on me. In no time, he threw me down on the ground, sitting on my chest and then said, ‘Now tell me, shall I kill you or leave you?’ I replied fearfully, ‘Leave me,’ Hearing this, he got off my chest. Rebuking myself, I said inwardly, ‘O ‘Amr! You are a famous horseman of Arabia. To run away after being overpowered by this weak and old man is a cowardly and unmanly act; it is better to be killed than to be faced with this humiliation.’ Thus, I threatened him again, ‘Give me whatever you have!’ Hearing this, the mysterious old man attacked me again reciting  bismillahirrahmanirrahim  In an instant, he threw me down on the ground, jumped onto my chest and said, ‘Tell me, shall I kill you or release you?’ I replied, ‘Please forgive me,’ so he released me again. But then, I did the same once again threatening him and demanding his possessions.
Reciting  bismillahirrahmanirrahim he once again attacked and overpowered me. I again pleaded, ‘Please release me,’ but he replied, ‘This is for the third time. I will not release you so easily now.’ Saying this, he called out, ‘O girl! Bring me the sharp sword.’ She brought the sword with which he cut hair from the front of my head, and then released me. It was customary among the Arabs to cut hair from the front of the head of a defeated person, indicating that the person has been defeated in a fight. The defeated person would be ashamed of facing his family until his front hair grew again. Therefore, I had to stay there for an entire year serving the mysterious old man. After the year ended, the old man took me to a valley where he recited bismillahirrahmanirrahim aloud. Immediately all
birds came out of their nests and flew away. When he recited it again, all beasts came out of their hideouts and went away. As he recited it aloud for the third time, a frightening black jinn in woollen clothes, as tall as a date tree trunk, suddenly appeared. Seeing the jinn, I felt a shiver of fear run through me.
Addressing me, the mysterious old man said, ‘O ‘Amr! Pluck up the courage. If the jinn overpowers me, just say that my companion will win next time by virtue of bismillahirrahmanirrahim 
Thereafter, the mysterious old man and the black jinn wrestled with each other. The old man lost and the black jinn overpowered him. Seeing this, I said, ‘Next time my companionwill win because of Lat and ‘Uzza (i.e. the names of two idols of unbelievers).’
Hearing this, the mysterious old man slapped me on the face so hard that I lost my senses for a moment and felt as if my head would be separated from my body. Apologizing to him I assured him of not doing so again. Both of them started fighting again. This time, the mysterious old man held the black jinn down, so I exclaimed, ‘My companion has won by the blessings of
bismillahirrahmanirrahim As soon as I said this, the mysterious old man sank the jinn into the ground like a piece of wood, cut his belly open, pulled out something similar to a lantern and told me, ‘O ‘Amr! This is his deception and unbelief.’ I asked the mysterious old man, ‘What is
the story about you and the black jinn?’ He replied, ‘A non-Muslim jinn was my friend. Every year a jinn from his community fights me, and Allah blesses me with victory by virtue of bismillahirrahmanirrahim
We then went ahead and reached a place where the mysterious old man fell asleep.
Seizing the opportunity, I snatched his sword and struck his legs so hard that they
became separated from his body. He screamed out, ‘O deceiver! You have brutally
deceived me!’ I didn’t give him a chance to recover and struck him repeatedly, butchering
him into pieces. When I returned to the tent, the girl asked, ‘O ‘Amr, what about the
fight with the jinn?’ I replied, ‘The jinns have killed the old man.’ She responded, ‘You
are a liar! O disloyal person! The jinns haven’t killed him but you have killed him!’
Having said this, she began to weep desperately and recited 5 Arabic couplets whose
translation is as follows:
1. O my eyes! Shed tears for that horseman who was brave and bold.
2. O ‘Amr! You should be regretting about your life because your friend has lost hislife.
3. And (O ‘Amr! After you have killed your friend with your own hands) how can youstrut in front of (your tribe) Bani Zubaydah and the unbelievers?
4. I swear by my age! (O ‘Amr!) If you were a true warrior (that is, if you had manly
fought him without deception) then his sharp sword would have indeed killed you.
5. May the real King (Allah give you a disgraceful and ugly return (
for yourcrime) and may you live a disgraceful and appalling life (in the same way as youhave treated your friend disgracefully). Furious, I advanced to kill her, but astonishingly she disappeared from my sight as if theearth had swallowed her! (Luq-ul-Marjan, pp. 141)script async src=”//”>

Dearbrothers! Did you see the amazing blessings of bismillahirrahmanirrahim
In order to attain these blessings, travel with Dawat-e-Islami’s Madani Qafilahs in the company of the devotees of Rasul.  Your problems will amazingly be solved and you will be helped from Ghayb by the grace and bounties of Allah
many naqsh and in hindi urdu inshaalla cominh in other parts jazakallah for reading

Hajat k liye bismillah 786 ka  amal:
Koi bhi hajat ho namaze fajr k baad awwalao aakhir ek ek baad durood shareef parhe 786 baar bismillah shareef parhe haa magar is ko sidq dil se talaffuz k saath parha jae or fir sajda ms jaa kar dua kare inshaallah har bari hajat puri hogi agar na bhi ho to ye khyal kare k parhne me koi galti hogi or rozana kare jab tak hajat puri na or allah ki zaat par bharosa rakhe k hajat  puri na hone me bhi koi maslihat hogi or mere liye yahi behtar hoga.

Wazifa for muhabbat:
Aage pichhe durood shareef k saath 786 baar parh kar kisi sharbat ya mithe drink par dam kar k pilade inshaallah muskhkhar hoga or muhabbat paida hogi.

Wazifa for zahan:
Teen tak tak musallal tula aaftab yani suraj nukalne k waqt awwalo aakhir durud shareef k sath 786 baar bismillah parh kar pu liya jae inshaallah zahan khul  jaega or musallam bhi is amal ko kar sakte he 40 dino tak to bhi behtar he.

Bukhar k liye wazifa:
Bismillah shareef ka naqsh likh kar jo upar image me diya he bukhaar wale k gale me daale allah tala shifa ataa farmaega.

Darde sar k liye wazifa:
Qaisare room ne Amirul mumineen hazfar umar faruqe azam raziallahu tala anh ki bargah me ahikayat ki k sar ka ddd bahut he kuch tajweez kiya jae
Aap ne ek topi bheji k ise pahan lo darde sar door ho jaega us usne topi pehni to darde sar jata raha ta ajjub huwa k bare bare hakeem or  Tabeeb  theek na kar sake is se kaise theek ho gaya topi utari to dard fir se shuru ho gaya fir se se pehni to dard band ho gaya is k baad thore arsa guzra topi kholi he kya isme to dekha ek parchi he or uspar bismillah likha he.
Is amal ko aap bhi kar sakte he magar likhne wala parhezgaar or muttaqi ho ye amal bahut asrdaar he is liye k amirul mumineen hazraf u…..
Ka amal he aap bhi faida uthae.

Wazifa for Save from jahannam:
Dozakh k 19 farishto k nijat k liye Hazrat abdullah ibne masud raziallahu tala anh
Se riwayat he k jo koi bismillah ka wird har roz kare to dazakh  par mokkal farishto se nujat mile is loye k un farishto ki tadad bhi 19 he or bismillah k huruf bhi 19 he.

Har mushlil ka amal bismillah
Jab koi mushkil dar peh ho to 786 baar bataharat kaamil  7  martaba  parhe har mushkil pareshani asan ho jaegi hamesa bismillah ka amal karne wale ko kisi dusre amal ku zarurat nahi hogi

Waste rizq me barkat ka:

tarke hewanat [tarke hewanat tarke jalali wa jamali ka tariqa jald hi aayege] kar k bismillah ko darya k kinare baad namaze fajr 12000 baar or baad namaze magrib 12000 baar parhe awwalo akhir 41  41 baar duroor zarur parhe ye amal har aham hajat k liye bhi kar sakte he.

Taskheere hukkam wa dolato mansal k liye: Jumerat ko roza rakhe chhuhare se iftar kare Magrib k baad 121 baar bismillah parhe baad namaze isha sone ki niyyat se lete or roza ki niyyat kar ke bismillah parhne shuru kare yaha tak k parhte parhte so jaae. Jab subah ho od roze juma hoga namaze fajr k baad 121 baar parhe. Or is tarah zafran or gulab se likhe

ب س م ا ل ل ہ ا ل ر ح م ن ا ل ر ح  ي م

Or mom jama kar k apne bazu par bandh le  is amal shareef ko jo koi karega logo ki nazro me misle chodhwi raat k hoga.
Or waqar us ka sab k dilo me hoga chahiye k naqsh ki hifazat  hifazat kare taki zaaya na ho.
Khet or baag k liye:
Jo koi bismillah kagaz par 101 baar likh kar apne khet ya baag me dafan kare to  iwo khet ya baag hara bhara rahega or inshaallah khoob galla hoga

inshaallah agli posts bismillah k bayan me jisme naqsh bhi honge or aamilin k liye amaliyat bhi pesh karne ki koshish karunga

 Aksar ye hota he k wazifa amaliyat Me kamyabi nahi milti   Wazaif or Amaliyat parhne  me kuchh zaruri baton ka khayal zarur rakhe is se  aap k amal or wazaif me jald hi kamyabi milegi inshaallah
1)Sab se pehle Namazo ki pabandi zarur kare is se behad faida hasil hoga or is se bara koi wazifa yaa is se behtar koi bhi amal meri nazar se nahi guzra
2)jis Aayate qurani ya allah k naam ya ki kisi or arbi ka wird diya ho use sahi talaffuz k saath parhe

3)Wuzu k saath parhe to behtar he.
4)jis amal ya wazaif ko jitni martaba diya gaya utni martaba hi parhe kam zyada na hone paya.
5)Agar kisi waqt ko muqarrar kiya he to usi waqt me parhe.

6)amaliyat ow wazaif ka istamal jaaiz kaam k liye hi kare warna nuqsaan bhi ho sakta he