Image result for bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahimThe Verse “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim”

If we were to give an exhaustive account of the benefits of the recitation of “Bismillah…” we would need more than a single volume to do justice to it. Apart from being part of every chapter in the Holy Qur’an (except the chapter of repentance [Surah at-tawba]), it is also the most oft repeated verse in the Holy Qur’an
 the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has said that when a person recites “Bismillah…” then five thousand ruby palaces are built for him in Jannah Each palace has a thousand chambers made of pearls and in each chamber has seventy thousand thrones of emerald and each throne has seventy thousand carpets made from special fabrics and upon each carpet is seated a Hur-ul-Ein. A person asked for the condition necessary to get this great reward and the Holy Prophet Benefits of Bismillah bismillah wazifa bismilla  Bismillah Barkat) replied that the person should recite the “Bismillah…” with conviction and understanding.
The Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallamhas also said that when a believer will have to cross the Pul-e-Siraat on the Day of Judgement, and he will say “Bismillah…” then the flames beneath him will start dying down until Jahannam will cry out, ‘O believer, pass through quickly, your presence is causing my fire to die out !’
When a teacher teaches a child to recite “Bismillah…” the child, his parents and the teacher are all guaranteed freedom from hellfire. It is narrated that Prophet Isa sallallahu alaihi wasallam was once passing by a graveyard and he saw a grave upon which the Wrath and Punishment of Allah  was descending, so he quietly walked past. When he passed the same place after some time, he noticed that the Mercy and Blessings of Allah  was being showered on the same grave. He was surprised at this and asked Allah ( about what has happened and it was revealed to him that the man inside the grave was a sinner and was thus being punished for his sins. When he died, his wife was pregnant and soon gave birth to a son. When the boy grew older, his mother took him to a teacher who taught him to recite “Bismillah…” and I felt that it would not be justice that this man’s son was calling My Name and I was punishing his father in the grave.
wazifa bimillah for buisness -if any one recite bismillah 9o time after fajr sunnat and before farz then he was succsess in buisness