baba budhan shah ji history in punjabi – islamic stories
1. Hazrat Budh Shah Baba ( Khalifa of Alaa Hazrat, Mazaar in Indian Veterinary Research Institure Bareilly)
2. Hazrat Sayed Nanne Shah Baba three. Nasir Miyaan (Nau Mela) four. Dulhi Miyaan
5. Bashir Miya
6.Bukhar Shah Baba
7. Jhaad jhuda Sahab eight. Pehalwan Sahab nine. Sharafat Mian
10. Sailani Sahab eleven. Patang Shah Baba :
12. Feroz shan Mian thirteen. Hazrat molana molvi syed Haji Mohammad Qasim Hussain Hashmi
1. Hazrat Budh Shah Baba, I.V.R.I., Izzat Nagar. ( Khalifa of Alaa Hazrat) ( Mazaar in Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly )
Hazrat Nanne Shah Baba, Izzat nagar.
This mazaar is construct proper in between the Railway song of Izzat nagar station,
When the tracks were being laid there have been a variety of accidents going on, then at some point the engineer goa a dream in which he was advised that a Beloved Friend of Allah is drowsing within the place where he’s construction the railway tune..And he changed into directed to go away that lots area and then lay the strains.
The Engineer did the equal and then he changed into succesfully able to lay the rail tracks and on investigation this Mazar of Hazrat Nanne Shah baba was located and built…
Hazrat Pathar Shah baba, in place near Izzat nagar, A lot of Maanja factories are there on this region Manjaa used for Kite flying..
Dargah Gallery of Bashir Miyan.
People have witnessed Dawat-e-Aam and Lagar at this location even in days of Drought and Famine. His Godowns used to get filled with FoodGrain from Gaib while the entire of india turned into facing shortage of meals. Board of the Dargah Shariff
Stairs Leading to the Dargah Shariff
Main Door of the Dargah
Jhoomar on the Dargah Shariff
Roza Paak
Hazrat Bukhar Shah Baba