Whoso recites this surah on any pain-giving part of the body, the pain would disappear.
Whoso recites this surah before going to sleep he remains in the protection of Allah till morning; and there is protection and freedom from grief, sorrow, and pain for the reciter of this sruah; and if it is recited in a house,
it would remain free form jinn and evil spirits; and if written text of this surah is put around the neck of children as tawiz, they would remain safe from jinn.
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
  1. Qul a’uzu birabbin naas
  2. Malikin naas
  3. Ilaahin naas
  4. Min sharril was waasil khannaas
  5. Al lazee yuwas wisu fee sudoorin naas
  6. Minal jinnati wan naas