This surah is one third of the holy Qauran
Whoso recites this surah a hundred times before going to sleep Allah would forgive his sins comitted in forty years.
Whoso does not recite this surah in any of the five salats in a day all his five salats would go waste, rendered nanvo
When the Holy Prophet prayed the funeral salat of Sad bin Maz, seventy thousand angels were praying with him including Jibrail, because Sad used to recite this surah very much, sitting, standing, walking, riding, all the time.
Recite this surah and bismillahir rahmanir rahim on the right side, on the left side, upward and downward.
When a person goes to see an unjust man-in-authority, he should recite this surah 3 times and close the fist and open it when the interview is finished.
Imam Jafar al Sadiq said that in salats this surah or surah al Kafirun can be recited in place of any other surah but no other surah should be recited in place of these two surahs.
Do not recite this surah in one breath.
Whoso recites this surah ten times at the time of going out from the house remains in the protection of Allah till he comes back.
Ali ibn abi Talib used to recite this surah in every salat. The Holy Prophet said:
“O Ali, surah al Ikhlas is your favourite and beloved surah because you are the favourite and the beloved of Allah.”
Whoso recites this surah in his bed Allah forgives his sins committed in 50 years.
Whoso recites this surah once is like he who has recited one third of the Holy Quran, Injil, Tawrat Ali ibn abi Talib said: “Whoso recites surah al Ikhlas before dawn whatever frightens him would disappear, he would not make any error that day however much Iblis might try.
Whoso recites surah al Fatihah once and this surah 30 times in each of the first two rak-ats of tahajjud all the sins he might have committed would inshallah be forgiven.
The Holy Prophet said: “O Ali, you are like surah al Ikhlas. Whoso recites this surah once it is as if he has recited one third of the Quran; whoso recites it twice it is as if he has recited two third of the Quran; whoso recites it thrice it is as if he has recited the whole Quran. Just like it is your case. Whoso loves you in his heart for him is the reward equal to one third worship of all the people; whoso makes your love known to the people, for him is the reward equal to two-third worship of all the virtuous people; whoso gives expression to your love with his limbs (by deeds), for him the reward is equal to the whole worship of all the virtuous people.”
Say 3 times kazalikallahu rabbi (like this is my Allah) when you finish reciting this surah.
Whoso recites this surah on the graves of believing men and believing women earns great rewards.
Allah likes very much those who recite this surah regularly.
It is a fortress for protection against every kind of affliction and calamity.
If this surah is recited for a dead person the reward is of reciting the whole Quran.
If this surah is recited over the eyes of a man suffering eye-sore he would be cured.
Whoso recites this surah ten times while passing by a graveyard for those believers buried therein, would earn reward equal the number of buried believers.
IMuhamamd bin Ali al Baqir said:
“OnceAli gave 400 advices to his companions in a single sitting to make better the day to day life and have a good knowledge of religion:
Recite surah al Ikhlas before daybreak; also surah al Qadr and Ayat ul Kursi; all fears would disappear, and the reciter would not do any wrong the whole day however much Iblis might try.
Go out on a Thursday morning in quest of fulfilment of your needs. Whenever a man goes out of his house he should recite the last verses 190 to 200 of Aali Imran, Ayatul Kursi al Qadr and al Fatihah if he wants his efforts to be fruitful in this world and get a reward in the hereafter.
When Shaytan creates evil ideas in your mind seek Allah’s protection, saying:
amantu billahi wa bi rasulihi mukhlisan lahud din
At the time of putting on new garments; do wuzu, pray a 2 rak-at salat; in each rak-at recite surah al Fatihah, Ayatul Kursi, surah al Ikhlas, surah al Qadr; and give thanks to Allah for providing comforts of life and good position in lsociety.
Recite regularly:
la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim.
The reciter would not disobey Allah, always an angel would seek forgiveness for him, and Allah would have mercy on him.
Say assalamu alaykum (peace be on you all whenever you enter your house, and if there is no one in the house say: assalamu alayna min rabina (peace be onus from our Lord).
And while going in the house recite surah al Ikhlas because it would drive away poverty and bring prosperity.
Imam Jafar al Sadiq said:
One day the Holy Prophet asked his companions:
“Who among you always fast?”
“O, prophet of Allah, I do,” replied Salman Farsi.
“Who among you remain awake the whole night?” asked he.
“I do,” said Salman.
“Who among you recite the whole Quran every day?” He asked.
“I do”, said Salman.
These replies annoyed some of his companions. One of them said:
“O Prophet of Allah, Salman is a Persian, so in order to prove his superiority over us, the Quraysh, he said that he always fast, though we have seen him eating and drinking water during day time; we have seen him sleeping in the nights; we have seen him quiet without uttering a single word.”
The Holy Prophet said:
“Ask Salman. He will give you the answer.”
Then Salman said:
“I fast thrice in a month. “Whosoever comes with a good deed for him shall be ten like thereof,” says Allah; and I join the fasts of the month of Shaban with the fasts of the month of Ramazan. In this way I am like him who fasts for the whole year.
I have heard my beloved friend, the Messenger of Allah, saying that whoever, after doing wuzu, in a state of cleanliness, goes to sleep is like him who remains awake the whole night. So I go to sleep after doing wuzu.
I have heard the Holy Prophet saying:
“O Ali, your example in my ummah is like surah Ikhlas; and whoever recites surah al Ikhlas once has, in fact, recited one third of the Quran, so whoso recites it 3 times has, in fact, recited the whole Quran.
Whoso loves you, O Ali, from the bottom of his heart, his one third belief has perfected, then makes it known publicly his two third belief has perfected, and then helps you by deeds his belief has perfected in full.
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
  1. Qul huwal laahu ahad
  2. Allah hus-samad
  3. Lam yalid wa lam yoolad
  4. Wa lam yakul-lahu kufuwan ahad