Whoso recites this surah in his obligatory salats, plains, mountain trees and even the particles of sand would bear witness that he was a sincere prayer of salats, and on the day of judgement an announcer would announce:
“Allah has accepted the witnessing, you go to paradise without reckoning because Allah has accepted you as His friend and approved your deeds.”
In this world Allah would keep him safe from ignorable and mean qualities which transform a human being to a beast.
If this surah is recited over a weapon it would hit the target and destroy enemies’ weapons.
If this surah is recited and breathed over a person in trouble, his worries and troubles would disappear.
The reciter of this surah would always have an upper hand over his opponent
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

  1. Alam tara kaifa fa’ala rabbuka bi ashaabil feel
  2. Alam yaj’al kai dahum fee tad leel
  3. wa arsala ‘alaihim tairan abaabeel
  4. Tar meehim bi hi jaaratim min sij jeel
  5. Faja ‘alahum ka’asfim m’akool