akhlaq in islam

Akhlakh, human good qualities of good character are the very best. To his beloved Rasool Allah Akhlakhe Alahi Sllllahu Karima was very Frmaya raise ATA times, own the Habib Sllllahu Alahi Allllah Frmate Irshad that ‘I sent to teach the world to those who have the best Akhlakh’. It also turned out that
the man who learned the thing to give advice to the first, he must be in his own denomination.
Edict of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger Sllllahu Alahi Azmat and its importance to the implementation of the Akhlakh are well aware. Kufra laughing because of our Bujhurgaen Akhlakhe the faith, in the shadow of the gross Sman are burnt, because of Akhlakh of sacrificing became bitter enemies. Islam spread in the world has its corresponding denomination, not by virtue of the sword. Sure your Hukumten Khaim sword can Khumen loud but not your poor can spread. The din Tbligh Sufiaa Kiram, Awliaa Ijham and Ulmaa Kiram had no army, no weapon, but he Husne Akhlakh and good character as a man of war without causing unprecedented weapon of love Jhnjiron arrested would be.
Hazrat sheikh Sahdi Alah Rahmatullah Wakia statement in his book Frmaya Bosataa that, it was a fakir sitting in a street of Madina Sharif, thence by coincidence Amirul Mominin Farukhe Azam Hazrat Umar was going to Rdi Allahu Anhu, absently your feet fakir fell at the feet. He is angry and blind Cillayaः thou? You have replied meekly Frmayaः brother! I’m not blind, but I was sure the mistake, please, I’m sorry. Allahu Akbar, here is a sample of what our Happy celebrities whose life, whose slavery is proud of us. Please take notice, while the Islamic world Srbrah answer and act like a fakir and Ijhhare pity on the Bdklami. You were Frmaya nine traits that are within the person and a Nukhs (evil) patchy Akhlakhi if a defect that will undo all the good.
Hazrat Abdullah Kayat Rahmatullah Alah sheikh used sewing for living through, you had a Mjusi client, it was tailored to you and sewing clothes instead of the fake currency had been caught, you’ve always had bad coin Rkh, Sometimes it is not a complaint. Once you were not a coincidence at the store, take off your clothes and come Mjuusi bad money habits according to your student so he refused to take. If you got a seat student spoke of the Mjusi you, why did you not Frmayaः you? Over the years, he gives me bad money always coming, so I’ll take it on purpose so he can not have any other Muslim brothers.
See the Akhlakh Bujhrgaen then, taking care of his own brother Dini take up damage, but can not seem to harm demos. Today, we have our recent bad coin, money and goods to anyone hinges concealed defect to understand your talents, Jbki Sriaht dictate that a defect in the goods if the defect is necessary to inform the borrower. That is the claim of faith, Momin does not cheat anyone.