7 Things To Know About Gog and Magog Yajooj And Majooj YAJOOJ MA’JOOJ (Gog and Megog)
God created a nation referred to as Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj. Within the commencing they were free. King Zulqarnian imprisoned up at the back of a wall. They are still imprisoned at present, and will probably be freed close the Day of Judgement. They will come out and create various main issue. Their population is ten instances greater than the arena’s population.
As we all know King Zulqarnain travelled from East to West and North to South. When he was once traveling the world, he imprisoned the Ya’jooj Ma’jooj in the back of an extraordinarily thick wall. Zulqarnain went East, the folks stated to him, “In between these mountains, there is a nation known as Ya’jooj Ma’jooj, who are like animals.
Their enamel are like those of wild animals. After they come out they devour snakes, scorpions, horses, mules, donkeys, greens and wild animals. We can provide you with something when you construct a wall between the Ya’jooj Ma’jooj and us so that they is not going to harm us.” Zulqarnain said, “I don’t want paying, however what I would like is that you may help me through bringing me portions of iron, wood and coal.” once they introduced these matters,
Zulqarnain began to construct the wall. After this, he started to blow on it. When it grew to be red-hot, he said, “convey liquid copper.” He put this liquid copper on the wall and made it very robust. Then he mentioned, “they’ll come out from in the back of the wall, when Allah desires them to”
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To these days the Ya’jooj Ma’jooj are trapped at the back of this wall. Daily, they are trying to interrupt this wall. When the solar units, the wall is as skinny as a sheet of paper. Their chief says, “Come on, let’s go house now. Go away it, it is like a page.
We will come the next day and break it down.” when they come tomorrow, with God’s will, the wall is as powerful as earlier than. Daily, that is what they do, but when it’s time for them to return out, then that day they will try to ruin that wall but in the night, the wall can be as thin as a page.umar ibn al khattab quotes in English
The leader will say, “leave it for today and says the words Inshallah (whether it is Allah wills) we can conclude it the next day.” after they come the next day to come, they are going to see that the wall is as thin as a web page and then they’re going to spoil the wall and come out. This will be the time when Hazrat Isa (alayhi salaam) can be ruling the arena. Allah will order Hazrat Isa (alayhi salaam) to take all his followers to the mountain of Tur.
The Ya’jooj Ma’jooj will come and devour the people on the planet. They are going to drink all of the water from the East and all of the water from Buhaira Tabria. Wherever there is water, they’re going to drink all of it. In the event that they find any humans they’ll eat them. Persons can be scared and will disguise. Once they don’t see a individual on the planet they will say, “we now have completed all of the men and women on this planet now we will be able to battle the individuals within the sky.” they’re going to shoot arrows toward the sky.woman in islam 5-islamic articles-WOMAN AS A MOTHER
Allah will make their arrows red and ship them again, and then they are going to be comfortable and say “ That now we have killed the persons within the sky additionally”. At that time, Prophet Isa (alayhi salaam) might be on the mountain. There might be a scarcity of meals. Prophet Isa (alayhi salaam) and the opposite Muslims will pray to Allah, “Oh Allah! Save us from them.”women in islam 2 -islamic Article THE FOUR STAGES IN OF A FEMALE
Allah will listen to their prayers and create a spot on their necks. With that, they’re going to all die. Then Prophet Isa (alayhi salaam) and the Muslims will come down from the mountain, they are going to see that all the ground is covered with bodies and a dirty odor will probably be spreading. They’re going to pray to Allah, “Oh Allah! Shop us from this dirty odor.” Allah will send birds whose necks are like camels’. They are going to take all of the our bodies and throw them on mount Nimbar, this mountain is in Palestine. After this, Allah will send rain. With this, the entire floor will likely be easy.akhlaq of prophet muhammad alaihissalam
Then Prophet Isa (alayhi salaam) together with his people will stay on the bottom and the scarcity of food will conclude. Allah will send advantages in everything. There shall be a lot blessing that one pomegranate will likely be enough for one tribe, and one pomegranate’s peel will make one gigantic tent enough for a bunch of persons to stay under. On this means, one cow’s milk might be ample for one tribe. All these benefits will come when all of the Ya’jooj Ma’jooj are dead.
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