umar ibn al khattab quote Golden Words Hazrat Umar Farooq RadiAllahAnho
Gems of Wisdom by means of Ameer al-Mu’mineen
Sayyiduna ‘Umar al-Farooq Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anho
To devour much less is wholesome, to speak less is wisdom, and to sleep much less is worship.
To talk less is understanding, to consume less is healthful and to mingle less with the humans is secure and serene.
The person who steps again will no longer development.
Nothing is worst than avarice that destroys the thoughts, not even Alcohol.
It is unbecoming of that individual who sits together with his hands folded and prays to ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala for sustenance. ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala does no longer rain down gold and silver from the heavens.
To earn a suspicious dwelling is worse than begging.
The largest gift after Iman (Faith) is your wives.
Attain knowledge before antique age settles in.
Extravagance is also whilst someone eats something he desires.
Whosoever hides his mystery continues his protection, safeguarded with himself.
The man or woman who calls himself discovered, indeed he’s ignorant, and the only who calls himself from the dwellers of Paradise truly he’s from the dwellers of Hell.
Tawbatun-NasooHa (Accepted forgiveness) is the name of that forgiveness this is requested for a awful deed devoted, in this kind of manner that he in no way returns to or commits that bad deed once more.
The Strength in motion is, in no way to place of what you could do today for tomorrow.
It isn’t turning into of a Muslim to sit down down and start praying for sustenance without trying to earn it, he’s nicely aware that gold and silver does now not rain from the skies.
If it wasn’t for the declare of expertise of the unknown then I could say 5 human beings are from the dwellers of Paradise:
That circle of relatives man who’s poverty but is affected person
That girls with whom her husband is happy and accepting.
That woman who forgives he husband’s responsibility of Mehr (Dowry approved by means of Muslim regulation)
That person with whom his dad and mom are Happy
And that person who simply repents from his sins
Once a sheep changed into slaughtered and Syeduna ‘Umar al-Farooq Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho consistently requested his servant if he had first sent meat to his neighbor who was a Jew. The slave asked why you are asking the identical query persistently. He spoke back that ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala and his Rasūl Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam had continuously stressed the significance of buddies consequently I too am continual in stressing the identical.
Three matters construct love:
To make Salam (greeting)
To make space for someone in a gathering
To deal with someone in a decent and proper manner
There are 4 sorts of Regrets:
Regret that spans over a day e.G. When someone leaves his home without eating.
Regret that spans over a 12 months, much like the negligence proven while cultivating.
Regret that spans over an entire life, while a man and his wife are unsuited to each other.
Regret that is everlasting, which is while your Creator is unhappy with you.
There are 3 varieties of humans:
Successful: he who listens to the recommendation of humans and ponders over it.
Lazy or Lethargic: he who does what he desires without consultation or advice of humans.
Corpse: who neither offers nor listens to recommendation and consolation.
Sayyiduna ‘Umar Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho on many an event asked this du’a (supplication) to ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala so that positive situations have to continually stay with him and a few matters should be eliminated, the Du’a is: “O ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala! Make me such that I may additionally speak with mind or acquire tolerance with silent. O! ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala do no longer bestow upon me too many favours, in order that I might not be confused by using it, now not too little that I may additionally forget about You. Hence, little yet sufficient in contrast to having plenty thereby turning into indulgent and committing sin.”
If ever you see a learned individual (‘Aalim) leaning towards this World, then realize this he is blameworthy for his Religion, because the everyday damage is that if someone dreams some thing then he is continuously engrossed in its quest.
Faith (Iman) is to regard the Oneness of ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala in ones heart proclaim it together with your tongue and to obey the fundamental Islamic Instructions.
The dating of true humility and actual worry of ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala is with the coronary heart and no longer through a show of outward moves.
Why have you ever made slaves of those whose moms had given beginning to them unfastened?
Judgments or Settlements in any instances should be executed quickly, so that the accused, due to a prolonged period of time aren’t forced to withdraw their accusation.
It is clearly important no longer to accomplice with a beast for even though he desires or approach nicely, yet he might nevertheless be accused of committing against the law.
ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala, bathe your Blessings of Mercy on that man or woman who informs me of my faults.
When a learned man takes a false step then he ensnares himself in a World of wrongdoings.
One day a man changed into praising Hadrat ‘Umar Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho, he replied by announcing why are you destroying me even more with my dreams (Nafs).
I am not a fool, but I pretend to be a fool, so that it will idiot the idiot. And simply whilst the idiot thinks I am a fool, I will expose the fool and display to him that he’s the fool.
I do not observe some thing, except, that I see everything with ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala.
If I die in this circumstance that I even have strived to earn an sincere living then it’s far more liked to me than even dying as a Martyr.
Good conduct towards human beings is equivalent to expertise, to request with politeness is half of understanding, and to ascribe to sound policies is 1/2 of 1’s livelihood.
To train a material man or woman is like setting a sword in the arms of a robber.
Do now not have Faith in someone’s compassion and politeness whilst he can’t keep his anger below control.
Do no longer have Faith in a religious person who isn’t always tested in the course of temptation.
He is a pal who brings for your interest your faults and to sing praises of someone in his presence is just like slaughtering him.
Laughing decreases ones age, whilst politeness, glamor, pomp and display which ease living standards are symptoms of people who are ignorant of dying.
To display greed and avarice is impoverishing, to be unselfish is enriching and to want repayment in patience.
Good deeds are the achievement of one’s rights and to do right deeds is a substitute for terrible deeds.
To communicate much less is awareness, to devour much less is wholesome, to sleep less is a prayer and there is peace in solitude.
Youth before old age and vintage age before death is a blessing of existence.
A beneficiant man or woman is the beloved of Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala despite the fact that he’s a transgressor. A miser is the enemy of Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala although he might also pray and recall Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala excessively.
To forgive an oppressor is oppression upon the oppressed.
When you integrate lawful with illegal profits then the unlawful contaminates the lawful gains even though it could be little.
A Mu’min does not preserve as his buddy one who is opposed to Almighty ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala and his Prophet Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam despite the fact that that character may be his mum or dad.
The sound of song and that of a mourner are of the worst sounds.
There is tranquility and peace in anonymity and confidentiality.
We ought to depart the other 9 quantities out for the worry of Haram (unlawful). (i.E. If in ten quantities one is Haram a Muslim would depart the alternative 9 quantities out which means anything illegal would be absolutely omitted).
Desire is in no way performed without fear, nor manners and etiquette with out formality, or happiness with out peace or wealth with out gifts or poverty with out contentment, or dignity with out politeness or Jihad (holy battle) with out diving steering and assistance.
Respite before preoccupation and old age before demise is a blessing of lifestyles.
Honour and dignity in this World is measured by means of wealth while honour and dignity in the Hereafter is measured by way of appropriate deeds.
Save your self from the Fires of Hell even though it way by doing a favour with half of a date (fruit). If this too isn’t always feasible then with candy phrases.
After Iman (Faith), there’s no extra gift than a pious spouse.
Not to postpone is strength in movement.
Whosoever shows you your faults, he is your buddy. Those that pay you lip carrier in reward are your executioners.
One who guards his secrets and techniques is truly secure.
The character who constantly discloses my faults to me is dearest to me.
Fear that individual who you dislike.
When Sayyiduna ‘Umar Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho camped on the outskirts of Jerusalem to overcome Bait al-Maqdas, the Christian Crusaders had been fearful of his presence and asked a meeting with him before handing over the keys of the city. The Crusaders met him at the same time as he wore a patched apparel. They requested him the motive as to why his name generated such big awe and fear that captured the hearts of his enemies. He spoke back; “Your kings taught you to love the World (Duniyah) and its wealth and our Prophet Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam taught us to fear ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala and love dying.
He is an intelligent character who can translate his moves into exact.
Never do away with for the next day what you may do today.
There is in no way a hazard of pain within the neck if one does no longer raise his head too high in the air.
Do now not overlook approximately yourself even as being concerned for others.
To stop sinning is simpler than to endure the burden of looking for repentance.
Remove your gaze from the beauty of the World. Do no longer allow the love of this World input your heart. Beware! The love of this World does not possibly spoil you, simply as it had destroyed previous international locations.
Victory is won thru approach and trust in ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala, no longer by way of wishful wondering.
The most clever among you is he who fears ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala the most.
Be sympathetic closer to the negative in order that they may be able to talk and build courage.
Extend a hand of friendship to a foreigner due to the fact if his live is extended then he would depart his valuable possessions to return to his personal united states and leave that man or woman liable for his valuables who had been most worth of his interest
Do no longer taunt and curse everybody for this gives upward push to collective evils in a person.
One have to now not judge someone by the range of Salaat (prayer) or Roza (fasting) however by using his know-how and honesty.
To die for the right is better than to live for falsehood. Courage is endorse, cowardice is detestable, and falsehood is prone to vanish!
Prayer is attached to the heart no longer via mere obvious moves.
To educate a seeker of materialism is to location a sword inside the fingers of a highway robber.
Do no longer trust the character of one who cannot manipulate his temper.
To laugh excessively is an indication of no remorse for dying.
To side with the oppressor is oppression on the oppressed.
Death is the quality instructor.
The dearest of you as long as you have not met us are the first-class in names. But after we had visible you, the excellent of you to us are the great of you in character. When we scrutinize you, the dearest of you to us are the maximum trustworthy of you in speech.
People had been (now and again) judged with the aid of the disclosing of a Divine Inspiration throughout the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) but now there are now not any new revelations. Now we decide you by the deeds you exercise publicly, so we can trust and prefer the only who does true deeds in the front of us, and we are able to not call him to account about what he’s simply doing in secret, for Allah will choose him for that; however we can no longer believe or believe the one who affords to us with an evil deed even though he claims that his intentions were correct.
The best days we ever lived had been via distinctive feature of patience, and if staying power have been to take the shape of a man, he could be a noble and beneficiant man.
Take your self to account before you’re taken to account, weigh your moves before they are weighed, and beautify your self for the closing presentation. On that day not the slightest secret may be hidden.
It turned into Sayyiduna Umar’s every day habitual to go to the homes of infantrymen who were on the battlefield and ask their womenfolk if they had to make any purchases from the market, and he could do it for them. They could send their maids and Sayyiduna Umar could make the purchases and surrender to them. When a messenger came from the battlefield, bringing letters from soldiers, the Caliph could himself deliver them at their homes and tell them the messenger might return on such and such date, and they should preserve their letters equipped by means of that time, He could himself supply paper, pen, and ink, and while there has been no literate individual in a family, he would himself sit out of doors the door and write to their dictation.
There is not any goodness in you in case you do no longer say ‘Fear Allah’ and there is no goodness in us if we do now not listen.
When Sayyiduna Umar appointed all and sundry as a governor, he wrote down for him a covenant to which a group of muhajirs (up to 10 in range) bore witness. The conditions and phrases have been: He would now not experience a workhorse, no longer devour high-priced meals, not wear excellent garment and no longer close his door to the needy. If he did any of these items then he was prone to punishment.
Lower your gaze from the world and flip your heart away from it.
I will let you know approximately what’s lawful for me from the wealth of Allah: An outfit for the wintry weather, an outfit for the summer, mount that I can experience upon for Hajj and Umrah, and food for my family, which include given to a person from the Quraish who’s neither the richest nor the poorest among them. I am certainly a person the various Muslim; I go through what they undergo.
Allah never obliterates evil with evil, however He erases evil with goodness.
O Allah, you indeed realize that I consume simplest my food, that I put on best my own apparel, and that I take best what is rightfully mine.
The dying of 1000 worshipers is less difficult to bear than the death of a pupil who has information of what Allah has accredited and forbidden.
Lo! By Allah, if I stay alive to assist the widows from the human beings of Iraq, I will leave a lot for them that they may never want to invite for assist from any ruler who comes after me.
Beware of bribery, and of ruling based on your desires.
Do no longer be fooled by means of one who recites the Qur’an. His recitation is however speech, but appearance to people who act in keeping with it.
Once Sayyiduna Umar was in his lawn, whilst coming returned, he found that the human beings had achieved the Asr Prayer. Thereby, he stated, ‘We will truly go back to Allah! I ignored the Asr Prayer in congregation. May you witness that I gave my garden in charity to the needy so that it will expiate what Umar had achieved.
The most liked of human beings to me is he that points out my flaws to me.
Learn expertise and train it to the humans. Learn how to have yourselves an air of secrecy of dignity and peace. Be humble to people who have taught you expertise, and be humble to the ones which you have taught understanding. And do not be haughty scholars; in any other case, your understanding will now not upward thrust because of your lack of knowledge.
O Allah, if You have written me down as being someone who is depressing, then erase that for me; and alternatively write me down as being glad. For certainly, You erase some thing You desire, and You write down and uphold .
The Islam of Sayyiduna Umar was a victory , his migration [to Madinah] was a triumph, and his caliphate was a mercy . I don’t forget the time when we were no longer able to pray or carry out tawaf around the Ka’bah. That become earlier than Sayyiduna Umar embraced Islam. After he embraced Islam, we fought towards them until they left us by myself; and as a consequence we started in an effort to pray .
Know that every addiction comes by means of being used to it. Get used to being affected person and doing precise. Be affected person in opposition to something befalls you. It will make you fear Allah.
Never assume ill of the word that comes out of your believing brother’s mouth, so long as you can find a precise excuse for it.
Dedicate yourself to remembering Allah, for remembering Allah is a remedy. And beware of remembering people, for the act of remembering people is a sickness.
By Allah! If I had gold identical to the earth, I might have ransomed myself with it from the punishment of Allah.
Each day is proclaimed, ‘So and so has died!’ And with no question it will likely be said at some point, ‘Umar died.’
The one who laughs an excessive amount of loses dignity; one that jokes too much loses appreciate; whoever does something a high-quality deal, turns into known for it; person who speaks a top notch deal makes mistakes; person who makes many mistakes loses his feel of dignity. Whoever loses his experience of dignity loses his God-fearing and whoever loses his God-fearing is spiritually useless.
Beware of filling your stomachs with food and drinks, for it’s far dangerous to the body and reasons sickness and laziness in acting prayers. Be slight in both food and drink, for that is more healthy on your our bodies and furthest eliminated from extravagance. Allah will hate the fat man (person who revels in a life of luxurious), and a person will now not be condemned till he favours his dreams over his religion.
During the yr of the Ashes (drought and famine), Sayyiduna Umar ibn Al-Khattab’s stomach might make rumbling sound. He forbade himself from ingesting Ghee, and so he might devour olive oil. And he might poke his stomach along with his fingers and say, ‘Rumble as an awful lot as you want, for certainly, I will feed you not anything aside from this until the scenario of the humans improves.
Strive to concentrate to what comes out of the mouth of folks who are obedient to Allah. Listen to what they’ve to say, for certainly, reality matters are made manifest to them.
On one unique Friday, Sayyiduna Umar did not pop out to Friday prayer on time; and considering that he become to supply the Friday sermon the humans needed to wait until he got here out to them. When Sayyiduna Umar sooner or later did come out to them, he came out to them, he apologized, explaining that, ‘I become prevented from popping out because this garment I am sporting turned into being washed; and I very own no different outfit.’
After Sayyiduna Umar Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu became Khalifah of the Muslim Nation, he turned into once seen handing over a sermon while sporting a decrease lawn that changed into patched in 12 exceptional locations.
Help me against myself by means of enjoining excellent, forbidding evil, and sincerely advising me.
O Allah, I am certainly harsh, so make me gentle; I am weak, so make me strong; and I am miserly, so make me generous.

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