imam hussain karbala Husayn ibn Ali  Glorious birth
Hazrat sayyidina imam hussain is the beloved son of
Sayyiduna ali and bibi faatima رضى االله تعالى عنهما , and the maximum
Beloved grandson of aqaa-e-do aalam noor-e-mujassam
Hazrat ahmad-e-mujtaba muhammad mustafa . Hazrat imam
Hussain become born on the fifth of shabaanul muazzam inside the
Year 4 hijri. After his delivery, his milk mom became ummul fadhl
Bint haaritha, the spouse of hazrat abbas bin abdul mutallib رضى االله
عنهما تعالى
The holy prophet  gave the azaan in his proper ear and the
Takbeer (iqaamat) in his left ear. The liked rasool  then
Located his blessed saliva into the mouth of hazrat imam
Hussain and made dua for him. On the 7th day, he become
Named hussain and his aqeeqa changed into made. The prophet 
Commanded bibi faatima to remove his hair and to present
Silver in charity equal to the weight of the hair because it had
Been finished for imam hassan
Hazrat imam hussain became blessed with diverse titles, such
As, abu abdullah, sayyidush shuhada, sibt-e-rasool sibt-easfar,
Rasheed, zakee, mubaarak and raihaanatur rasool.
Hazrat imam hussain changed into surely a completely good-looking
Personality. From his chest up to his blessed toes, he changed into the
Photo of the prophet , whereas his elder brother hazrat
Imam hassan changed into the photo of the prophet  from his
Head up to his chest. His became so handsome and radiant, that
All of us who noticed him have become misplaced in his beauty. His blessed
Face was so vibrant, that it might even shine within the darkness of
His education
Hazrat imam hussain changed into groomed within the blessed court of
The beloved rasool . His become taught by using the beloved rasool
, bibi faatima zahra and sher-e-khuda hazrat ali (radi
Allahu anhum).The beloved rasool  loved hazrat imam
Hussain dearly, because of his piety and pure coronary heart. The
Prophet  become additionally conscious, that the time could come, when his
Cherished grandson might save the ummah from destruction at
The fingers of a corrupt and tyrant leader.
He knew that imam hussain will uphold the flag of islam
And that he’s going to steer the tremendous deliver of islam clean from the
Storm of fitna.
His blessed character
Hazrat imam hussain changed into a completely type, mild, beneficiant,
Merciful, and allah fearing personality. He always cared for the
Negative and oppressed, he assisted the helpless, he gave comfort
To the ones in ache and in sorrow and he confirmed notable love and
Affection in the direction of orphans. He practised all this in his every day lifestyles
And always said that this changed into his obligation and duty. He
Become the embodiment of the character of his grandfather
Sayyiduna rasoolullah  and of his dad and mom sayyiduna ali and
Bibi faatima (radi allahu anhum). Whenever a beggar came to
His home, he always cared for him and spoke to him with type
Phrases. There were times, whilst there has been only enough meals in
His domestic to feed one person, but if a beggar got here to his
Home, he might feed this to the beggar and would remain
Hungry himself. Subhaanallah! This become the shaan of the
Loved grandson of rasoolullah . He couldn’t endure to see
Another muslim cross hungry, but he turned into prepared to sleep
Without a meal.
Once, hazrat imam hussain had joined a number of his site visitors
To partake in a meal with them. One of his servants brought out
A bowl of soup. As he walked into the room, he tripped and
Dropped the bowl. The bowl fell to the ground and broke and
The soup spilled onto the blessed face of hazrat imam hussain
. The servant was very afraid that he had insulted the
Grandson of the prophet  via losing the bowl. Hazrat imam
Hussain regarded closer to him and he trembled in fear and
Asked imam hussain not to be indignant. Imam hussain
Replied by using announcing, “I actually have under the influence of alcohol my anger.” the servant then
Spoke about forgiveness and imam hussain stated, “I actually have
Forgiven you.” the servant then stated, “allah loves those who
Are kind” and hazrat imam hussain said, “I even have freed you
For the satisfaction of allah.” subhaan’allah!
His excellence                         HAZRAT KHIDR NEW GAIB
Once, hazrat imam hassan and imam hussain (radi allahu
Anhum) wrote some phrases in calligraphy on a blackboard.
After they’d completed writing, they both instructed each other that
Their writing became better. They could not come to an agreement
Approximately whose writing become better, in order that they took their paintings to
Hazrat ali and requested him to make the choice. Hazrat ali
Looked at their paintings, and requested them to take their work to their
Mother bibi faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى . She checked out their work
And said that they exceptional person to make the sort of selection changed into
Their beloved grandfather sayyiduna rasoolullah . Both
Brothers then went to the court docket of the beloved rasool . The
Beloved rasool  checked out their paintings and stated, “this selection
May be made with the aid of hazrat jibraeel (alaihis salaam).” immediately,
Sayyiduna jibraeel (alaihis salaam) seemed and said, “o
Prophet of allah! This decision will be made with the aid of almighty
Allah.” thus, almighty allah commanded jibraeel (alaihis
Salaam) to take an apple from jannah and to drop it over their
Forums. The pleasant work will be that on which the apple will fall.
Hazrat jibraeel (alaihis salaam) then did as commanded,
Losing the apple over the writing forums. Subhaanallah! The
Apple fell and split into two equal pieces. Ohalf at the board of
Imam hassan and half of on the board of imam hussain (radi
Allahu anhum). This confirmed that each of their calligraphic
Writing become equal. Subhaanallah! Such excellence has been
Bestowed upon the grandchildren of the beloved rasool  that
The choice concerning their writing is even made within the
Divine court of almighty allah. What extra can be said about
The excellence of hazrat imam hassan and imam hussain
(radi allahu anhum)?
Angels for protection
On one example, hazrat imam hassan and imam hussain
(radi allahu anhum) had long gone outside for a while. Both the
Youngsters had long past out and time surpassed very quickly. Bibi
Faatima zahra عنها تعالى االله رضى have become very concerned, because the
Youngsters were gone for a very long time. She turned into nevertheless
Considering wherein the kids would possibly have long gone, when the
Beloved rasool  arrived at her domestic. Bibi faatima zahra رضى
عنها تعالى االله at once said, “ya rasoolallah  imam hassan
And imam hussain can not be located. They have long gone out and
We do now not know their whereabouts.” just then, hazrat jibraeel
Ameen (alaihis salaam) descended and stated, “ya rasoolallah
 there is not anything to worry approximately. Both the kids are at a
Certain location and almighty allah has appointed angels to
Guard them. On listening to this, the loved rasool  went to
The spot that jibraeel (alaihis salaam) had talked about. The
Beloved rasool  noticed that each hazrat imam hassan and
Imam hussain (radi allahu anhum) had been resting and an angel
Had certainly one of his wings beneath them and is giving them colour with
His other wing. The prophet  kissed each of them and carried
Them home to bibi faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى.
His generosityFamous people of Dream Interpretation
Once a bedouin provided himself within the darbaar of imam
Hussain and stated, “I heard your loved one grandfather  say
That when you are in need of something, then you definitely must
Request this from certainly one of 4 humans, both from a pious arab;
Or from a pious grasp; or from a hafizul qur’an; or from a
Very sleek character, and (o imam) a majority of these four characteristics are
Found in you inside the highest shape. The motive for this, is if
The entire arabia received piety, it is through your blessed
Circle of relatives, and generosity is your stunning great and as for the
Qur’an, then this changed into discovered in your home and regarding
Your gracefulness, then, I heard the one you love grandfather 
Say, “if you wish to look me, then have a look at hassan and hussain.”
Hazrat imam hussain listened to his words and then stated, “I
Heard my loved grandfather rasoolullah  announcing, ‘piety is
According to ones know-how’ I will for that reason ask you three mas’alas
(spiritual questions). I have with me this bag, if you answer
One query I shall come up with one 0.33 of what’s on this bag, if
You answer , then I shall come up with half of what’s in this bag
And it you answer all of the questions, then I shall provide you with all of
What’s in the bag.                             urdu 1
The bedouin was very pleased and asked imam hussain
To provide the questions. He requested, “which movement is the maximum
Exalted among all movements?” the bedouin answered, “to
Bring faith in allah” hazrat imam hussain then requested, “what
Is the the protection of a servant from destruction? He
Replied, “in having whole believe (faith) in allah.” hazrat
Imam hussain then requested, “what is that via which a
Servant gain his splendor.” he spoke back, “knowledge which is
Observed via amal.” he requested, “and if one does now not have
This best” he responded, “he need to have that wealth in
Which there is generosity.” hazrat imam hussain stated, and
What if he does not have such wealth? He said, “he must be
Patient in his poverty.” the imam said, “and what if a person
Isn’t in such poverty (in which he is patient)? He stated, “then
There need to be lightning on the way to strike him.” on listening to these
Answers, hazrat imam hussain smiled and gave him the
Entire bag.
Another incident relating
To his generosity
Once hazrat imam hassan, imam hussain and hazrat
Abdullah ibn jaafar (radi allahu anhum) had long gone together on
Hajj. On their manner, the camel on which their meals, water and all
Their assets become saved went off target and changed into left far at the back of.
They got here to a shack belonging to a completely antique girl. All 3
Of them went over to the shack and instructed the woman that they
Have been very thirsty and if she may want to spare them some thing to
Drink. The old lady kindly milked her goats and presented
The goats milk for them to drink. They then kindly requested if she
Had something for them to eat. The vintage woman stated that they
Meals changed into now not prepared however if they wished to attend, she would
Slaughter the goat and cook dinner it for them. They thus agreed to
Wait. The goat changed into slaughtered and the old female cooked a
Delicious meal. All of them fortuitously partook within the meal that the
Old girl had organized. After partaking in the meal, the three
Of them now departed on their journey.
On leaving, they informed the vintage lady that they have been of the
Quraish tribe and on their return from hajj, she should visit
Them, in order that they will go back her generous favour. Her
Husband got here domestic later that day and located that she had
Cooked the goat. He changed into very angry that she had fed the goat
To people she did now not even recognize. Some time passed, and each
The antique lady and her husband have become very terrible. They
Travelled to madinah munawarrah, in which they earned very
Little cash accumulating and promoting camel droppings. Once
Even as she turned into on foot in madinah shareef, hazrat imam
Hassan spotted her. He straight away went up to her and
Asked if she acknowledged him. The vintage lady stated that she
Could not realise him. Imam hassan defined to her that
He was among folks who stopped at her shack and partook
In a meal which she furnished for them. On listening to this, she
Became very thrilled, and informed imam hassan of her
Scenario. Hazrat imam hassan took her to his home and
Gave her a thousand goats and 1000 dinars in
Coins. He then asked his servant to take her to the home of
Imam hussain . Hazrat imam hussain requested her what his
Brother had given her, and he too blessed her with one
Thousand goats and a thousand dinars. Hazrat imam
Hussain then requested his servant to take her to the house of
Hazrat abdullah ibn jaafar . He was very thrilled to see her
And requested what each imam hassan and hussain (radi allahu
Anhum) had given her. She replied that every one collectively, they’d
Given her thousand goats and two thousand dinars. On
Listening to this, hazrat abdullah ibn jaafar gave her
Thousand goats and thousand dinaars. The old woman
Changed into now very pleased, and took the 4 thousand goats and
4 thousand dinaars and went to her husband. She
Presented those to him and stated, “this is a gift from the
Beneficiant own family whom I had fed one goat to.”
Subhaanallah! ‘such generosity from the ahle bait of
Rasoolullah ’
His tolerance & patience
None can ever doubt the staying power and the tolerance of imam
Hussain . The reality that his martyrdom were foretold with the aid of
The liked rasool  and that despite the fact that he become aware of
This, he nevertheless made sabr and waited for the will of allah to
Take its path. Hazrat imam hussain became additionally blessed with
Bravery from his circle of relatives. Being the son of asadullah (the lion
Of allah) hazrat ali , his bravery became apparent. He showed
His bravery and fearlessness on many events especially
At some point of the battle of karbala.
Love for him
The holy prophet  loved hazrat imam hussain dearly.
Once hazrat umar-e-farouk says that he provided himself
In the blessed court of the prophet . He says, “once, when I
Provided myself in the court of rasoolullah  I noticed that the
Beloved rasool  turned into walking on his knees carrying imam
Hussain on his blessed again. When I saw this, I stated, your
Approach of shipping is very awesome. On listening to this, the
Prophet  stated, ‘o umar! The passenger is likewise very
Brilliant’” (kashful mahjoob)
Ya’l. A. Bin marwaa reports that the prophet  stated, “hussain
Is from me and I am from hussain. Whomsoever has saved
Hussain as his loved, allah is his beloved. Hussain is a
Grandchild from amongst grandchildren.” (mishkaat shareef)
Bar’ra ibn aazin says, “I saw that the prophet  used to
Carry imam hussain on his shoulders and say, ‘o allah! I
Love him. You too love him.’” (mishkaat shareef)
Hazrat jaabir ibn abdullah states, thati I heard from the
Prophet , ‘whomsoever wishes to see the chief of paradise,
He have to study hussain ibn ali .’”
Ahadith relating
To his shahaadat
It is in baihaqi dalaaile nabuiwat, that ummul fadhl bin
Haaritha عنها تعالى االله رضى the wife of hazrat abbas ibn abdul
Mutallib once went to the prophet  and stated, “ya
Rasoolallah!  tonight I saw a demanding dream.” the prophet
 said, “what was it?” she stated, “it changed into a completely awful dream” he
 once more stated, “what became it?” she then stated, “I saw that a
Portion of your flesh became reduce off from your blessed body and
Located in my lap.” the prophet  stated, “this is a great dream
Which you have visible. Insha allah, a son will be born to bibi
Faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى and he can be given in your care.”
Ummul fadhl عنها تعالى االله رضى says, “hussain changed into born to bibi
Faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى and became given in my care.”
She says, “once I took him to rasoolullah  and gave him in
The arms of the prophet . I had grew to become away for some time and
Then I saw that tears had been falling from the blessed eyes of
Rasoolullah . I then said, ya rasoolallah ! May my mother and father
Be sacrificed at your ft. What has passed off? The prophet 
Said, ‘hazrat jibraeel (alaihis salaam) came to me and
Informed me that my ummat will kill this baby of mine.’ I said,
This toddler, and he said ‘sure, he also added the purple sand to me
From the place in which he (hussain) can be martyred.”
Abu naeem narrated from asbah. He says, “I become on a
Journey with hazrat ali and we passed by karbala. When
We reached the plains of karbala, hazrat ali stated, ‘this is
Where their camels wilislamic quiz quran questions and answersl sit, this is where they may maintain their
Belongings, this is wherein they may be martyred. They could be of
The family of the prophet  and they will be martyred on these
Plains. The skies and the earths will cry at the martyrdom.’”
Reason for
The shahaadat
On the death of hazrat ameer muawiyah his son yazeed
Assumed khilafat within the yr 60 hijri.
Hazrat ameer muawiyah is no doubt a sahabi of the holy
Prophet  and a totally liked associate of rasoolullah . He
Is also amongst those who was commanded to document the
Verses of the holy quran in written form. In different words he
Was “kaatib-e-wahiy-e-nabuiwat”
He had deep love for rasoolullah . Today, there are those
Who name themselves shias or shi’ites. They are a corrupt sect.
They slander sayyiduna ameer muawiyah and that they even
Call remarkable sahaba like hazrat abu bakr and hazrat umar
Disbelievers (ma’azallah). Their intention is to destroy the imaan of
The sunni muslims.
They use the month of muharram and the names of hazrat
Imam hassan and imam hussain (radi allahu anhum) and the
Name of bibi faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى to trap the unsuspecting
Sunni muslims. Do no longer allow such people play along with your
Emotions. They aren’t the aashiqs of the ahle bait. They are
The enemy of the ahle bait. Stay far from them and keep
Your better halves and kids far from them. How are we able to observe
Folks who called fantastic sahaba like hazrat abu bakr and
Hazrat umar kaafirs (ma’azallah)?
Yazeed sent letters to all of the muslims states soliciting for them
To just accept him because the chief of the muslims (the khalifa). He
Additionally despatched a letter to the governor of madinah, waleed ibn
Uqba, informing him that he ought to command imam hussain
To accept him as the khalifa and take the oath of allegiance
At his palms. This, imam hussain rejected. The purpose for
Imam hussain rejecting the bai’at of yazeed, turned into because
Yazeed was a faasiq, an alcoholic, and a tyrant.
Imam hussain
Goes to makkah
It is because of this that imam hussain left madinah and
Travelled to makkah at the 4th of shabaan and started to stay in
Makkah. When the people of kufa heard this, they started to
Send rankings of letters to imam hussain . In their letters, they
Informed him that they had been now not prepared to simply accept yazeed as the
Khalifa and that they had been prepared to sacrifice the whole thing and
Take the oath of allegiance on the fingers of imam hussain .
Various partners of the liked rasool  cautioned hazrat
Imam hussain in opposition to this, as the disloyalty of the humans of
Kufa turned into very well known. The very same people of kufa have been
The ones who claimed to be the followers of hazrat ali but
They have been the very those who grew to become towards him.
Hazrat imam hussain listened carefully to their recommend, but
He still decided that it become essential to go to kufa. He felt that
If he did not heed their name, then he could have now not fulfilled his
Obligation closer to the ummah. The companions then
Suggested him that he need to first ship a consultant to kufa.
The representative must study the scenario in kufa, and if
He discovered that the humans of kufa have been being sincere and the
Conditions had been favourable, then he have to inform imam
Hussain . The top notch imam need to then determine whether he
Wished to go to kufa or no longer. Hazrat imam hussain familiar
This advise from his partners and it become agreed that his
Cousin, hazrat muslim bin aqeel might go as the
Consultant to kufa.
Hazrat muslim in kufa
Hazrat imam muslim bin aqeel as a result went because the
Representative to kufa. He become accompanied by using his two young
Sons. When he arrived in kufa, he stayed at the home of
Mukhtar bin ubaid. When the humans of kufa heard of his
Arrival, they got here in big agencies and took bai’at on his fingers
As the consultant of imam hussain . Some narrations
Have stated that about twelve thousand human beings took the
Oath of allegiance on the palms of hazrat muslim bin aqeel .
When sayyiduna muslim bin aqeel noticed the sincerity of the
People, he straight away wrote to imam hussain asking him
To come to kufa.
Yazeed’s plan
Yazeed heard of the scenario in kufa and the way the people of
Kufa had taking bai’at on the arms of hazrat muslim bin
Aqeel and had been waiting with tremendous anticipation for the advent
Of hazrat imam hussain . Yazeed without delay convened a
Sitting of his advisors and asked their opinion. The corrupt
Advisors advised him as he wanted they could. They said that
Numan bin basheer who was the governor of kufa become
Sympathetic to the ahle bait and ought to hence be eliminated.
They additionally suggested that a completely stern person ought to replace him,
If no longer the entire location of iraqi could be within the control of imam
Hussain and this will be unfavourable to yazeed’s empire.
After their discussion, they agreed that the character quality suitable
For the location as governor of kufa, changed into abdullah ibn ziyaad.
A letter become without delay despatched to ibn ziyaad, who at that point
Became the governor of basra. He became requested to straight away take
Over manipulate of kufa via relieving nu’guy bin basheer of his
Duties. He become additionally requested to kill imam muslim and all the ones
Who supported him. He was in addition commanded that once
Imam hussain arrived in kufa, he have to be requested to simply accept
Yazeed as the khalifa. If he refused, then he too have to be
Killed like the others (allah forbid).
On receiving his orders, ibn ziyaad appointed his brother as
His deputy in basra and left for kufa. He got here to qaadsia,
Where he left his military and took some humans with him. He
Dressed himself inside the apparel of hijaaz and covered his face. He
Entered kufa between maghrib and esha. The people of kufa,
On seeing a person dressed in a hijaazi garb arriving concept
That it become imam hussain . They welcomed him into kufa
And were very thrilled on his arrival. When morning got here, ibn
Ziyaad relieved nu’man bin basheer of his responsibilities and
In my opinion took manipulate of the government constructing of kufa. Ibn
Ziyaad brought his speech early the following morning to the
Human beings of kufa and warned them in opposition to becoming a member of with imam
Hussain . He captured the leaders of kufa and held them
Hostage. Hazrat muslim bin aqeel called on the human beings of
Kufa for help and narrations say that about forty
Thousand humans accompanied him to the authorities building.
By now ibn ziyaad had placed the leaders of kufa on the roof
Pinnacle of the building and threatened to kill them in the event that they did no longer
Depart imam muslim bin aqeel . Within a brief while, now not one
Man or woman from the forty thousand was with imam muslim bin
Aqeel . The people of kufa had another time shown their
Disloyalty to the ahle bait of rasoolullah 
Hazrat imam muslim was later taken by the infantrymen of ibn
Ziyaad and made shaheed. In’na lil’laahi wa in’na ilaihi
Raaji’oon. Later, even the youngsters of imam muslim bin aqeel
Were made shaheed. These have been young kids who
Followed their father, wondering that they were traveling to
An area that become full of true followers of the ahle bait.
Imam hussain
Departs for kufa
On receiving the letter of imam muslim bin aqeel , hazrat
Imam hussain departed from makkah for kufa. When this
Institution of the ahle bait became leaving makkah in the direction of kufa,
All and sundry, every baby stood looking them with sadness
As they left. Their eyes full of tears and their hearts heavy
With unhappiness. On his way, he obtained information of the martyrdom
Of imam muslim bin aqeel and his kids. He became also
Knowledgeable of the betrayal of the people of kufa. Hazrat imam
Hussain become very unhappy whilst he heard this information and examine
In’na lil’laahi wa in’na ilaihi raaji’oon. He then comforted the
Circle of relatives contributors and gave them desire.
When the ahle bait reached a place referred to as thaa’lba, hazrat
Imam hussain rested for some time. He wakened with tears in eyes.
His loved sister, sayyida zainab عنها تعالى االله رضى asked the
Reason for this, and he stated, “I dreamt of our grandfather,
Rasoolullah .
The prophet  changed into crying and he stated ‘o hussain! You are
Quickly to come and meet with me.” on hearing this, hazrat ali
Akbar the son of imam hussain said, “o my dear father!
Are we no longer on haq (truth)? Imam hussain stated, “verily we
Are on haq and haq is with us.” then hazrat ali akbar stated,
“then why must we fear death, o my father? We all should
Skip from this international in the future. I am seeing the gardens of
Shahaadat. A mansion higher than that of the arena and
Bounties even more than that of this global are earlier than us.”
Patience (sabr) of
The ahle bait
Hazrat imam hussain and the participants of the ahle bait
Reached the plains of karbala on the second of muharram 61
Hijri. They pitched their tents beside the river euphrates.
Hazrat imam hussain then delivered a lecture to the ahle
Bait, he said, “be affected person on my problems. When I am
Martyred, you have to now not hit and pull in your faces and neither
Have to you tear your garments. O my sister zainab! You are the
Daughter of faatima zahra . Like she made sabr whilst the
Prophet  left this global, you too have to be affected person on my
Loss of life.”
River euphrates sealed off
Imam hussain and the relaxation of his ahle bait and partners
Remained of their tents. On the seventh of muharram, the army
Of ibn sa’advert, who turned into appointed the commander of the military,
Against imam hussain sealed of the river euphrates to the
Ahle bait. This navy consisted of many of individuals who earlier
Claimed to be followers of hazrat ali and followers of
Hazrat imam hussain . Ibn sa’advert then asked imam hussain
To dispose of his tents from beside the river euphrates. Hazrat
Abbas rejected this command of ibn sa’advert, but hazrat
Imam hussain defined that the ahle bait ought to be affected person.
Imam hussain then had the ahle bait put off their tents
And pitch them at any other spot
On the eve of the tenth of muharram, imam hussain made
Ibaadat for the whole night time. In the 1/3 portion of the night, he
Became drowned within the remembrance of allah. In this
Situation, he noticed the liked rasool  with an military of
Angels. The prophet  took him in his palms like a baby and
Said, “o the comfort of my heart! O the light of my eyes! O my
Hussain! I realize very well that the enemy have faced you
And that they wish to martyr you. My dear son! You should allow this
Time pass by being affected person and making shukr. All the ones
Answerable for your martyrdom shall be disadvantaged of my
Intercession at the day of qiyaamat, and you are to obtain
The very awesome repute of martyrdom. In a completely little at the same time as, you
May be freed of this tough time. My dear son! Paradise has
Been decorated for you. Your mother and father are watching for your arrival at
The doorways of jannah.” on announcing this, the prophet  positioned his
Blessed hand on the chest and head of imam hussain and
Made the following dua: “o allah! Bless my hussain with
Endurance and its praise.”
Imam hussain reasons
With the enemy
When imam hussain realised that the yazeedis were now
Purpose on doing warfare, he tied the turban of the prophet  and
Took in his hand zulfikaar, the sword of sayyiduna ali . He
Rode toward their camp and stated, “o people of iraq! You
Recognize thoroughly that I am the grandson of the prophet , the
Son of bibi faatima عنها تعالى االله رضى , the liked of sayyiduna ali
And the brother of hazrat imam hassan . Do you
Realise my turban, armour, sword and camel? Do you
Realize who they belong to? Up to these days, the christians
Show recognize to the assets of esa (alaihis salaam), and
The jews display admire to the footprint of moosa (alaihis
Salaam). All the fans of the beyond religions have proven
Recognize to the relics which have been attributed to their prophets
(peace be upon them all). I am the grandson of your nabi . I
Am the son of ali sher-e-khuda. If you do now not want to be of
Help to me, then do now not be the purpose of my martyrdom.
For what motive have you sealed of the river to my own family?
Have I murdered every body from among you? Have I usurped
The property belonging to anybody of you, for that you are
Taking revenge? It is you that invited me to come right here, and but
That is the manner you behave with me. O people of kufa! You are
Thoroughly privy to my genealogy, to which there is no same on
Earth nowadays. You are the ones that sent letters to me, asking
Me to return to kufa. Now, why have you become thirsty for my
Blood. There, examine the letters that you sent to me.”
Hazrat imam hussain then showed the letters to the humans
Of kufa. They rejected that the letters have been despatched by using them.
When imam hussain noticed their betrayal, he said,
“alhumdulillah! I actually have fulfilled my responsibility of reasoning.
Now there may be no want to motive with you again.”
The tenth of muharram
The enemy then attacked the camp of the ahle bait, and for that reason
Started out the battle of karbala. One after the alternative, the contributors
Of the ahle bait and the partners of sayyiduna imam
Hussain entered the battle field. Each one made jihad
In opposition to the enemy till he was made shaheed. After all were
Made shaheed, hazrat imam hussain organized for battle.
He become now geared up to enter the battle discipline. Just then, he saw
Status before him, hazrat imam zainul abideen. He become the
Son of imam hussain and could not go into struggle because
He become very ill. He stated, “o my beloved father! How are you able to pass
Into war whereas I am still alive. Permit me to enter the
War field just like the different members of the ahle bait. I too need
To achieve the popularity of shahaadat.”
Hazrat imam hussain stated, “o my loved son! Go into the
Tent of the ahle bait. Do now not insist on going into warfare.
Because of you, the ahle bait of rasoolullah  will continue to be until
The remaining day.” on listening to those phrases of imam hussain ,
Imam zainul abideen remained silent.
Shahaadat of
Imam hussain
Hazrat imam hussain entered the battle area and one after
The alternative, he despatched the enemy closer to the blazing fire of hell.
Seeing that they couldn’t defeat him in my opinion, the enemy
Attacked the incredible imam in huge companies, firing arrows and
Launching spears at him. Imam hussain fought with exquisite
Bravery, sending ratings of yazeedis in the direction of hell.
The offensive through the enemy changed into very effective and shortly, the
Blessed body of imam hussain became pierced severely by
Arrows, spears and swords. One of the yazeedis fired an
Arrow at the forehead of imam hussain , which triggered him
To fall of his horse.
It became a friday and the time of jummah salaah. Hazrat imam
Hussain bowed his head within the darbaar of allah and shimr
The cursed, eliminated the blessed head of imam hussain .
In’na lil’laahi wa in’na ilaihi raaji’oon. Allahu akbar! The
Loved grandson of the prophet  have been martyred.
Those who claimed to be muslims had been liable for the
Martyrdom of the grandson in their nabi . Imam hussain
Had sacrificed his life for the sake of islam.
Imam hussain become martyred on a friday, the tenth of
Muharram 61 hijri. Even in the sort of hard time, imam hussain
Did now not leave his salaah. He was made shaheed at the same time as in
Dear brothers and sisters! We need to analyze from the
Shahaadat of imam hussain . Firstly we need to study by no means
To just accept a corrupt and unjust person as our leader and
Secondly we must learn the way important it’s miles to perform our
After karbala
After the conflict of karbala, imam zainul abideen and the
Female contributors of the ahle bait had been taken to kufa. They
Were then despatched back to madinah shareef at the authority of
After the battle of karbala diverse high-quality incidents befell
Which the found out ulama have quoted in a lot of their books.
Some of them are being quoted to your perusal:
1. Hazrat ibn abbas reviews, “one night time, I dreamt of the
Prophet . I saw that the blessed hair of the prophet  changed into
Uncombed and covered with dust. It turned into around noon. In his
Hand, the prophet  had a bottle which changed into filled with blood. I
Requested, ‘ya rasoolallah ! What is that this? He spoke back, ‘this is the
Blood of hussain and his partners, and I have been
Gathering this in view that morning.” hazrat ibn abbas says, “I
Remembered the day that I had this dream. When the information of
Imam hussain’s shahaadat arrived, I realised it changed into the equal
Day on which I had the dream.” (baihaqi – haakim)
2. It rained blood after the shahaadat of imam hussain
(baihaqi)akhlaq of prophet muhammad alaihissalam
Three. Abu naeem narrates from habib ibn thaabit . He said, “I
Heard the jinns reciting the subsequent stanzas on the
Shahaadat of imam hussain :
‘his forehead become kissed by means of the nabi 
And his blessed face glittered so fantastically
His mother and father in which the soul of the quraishi nation
And his grandfather  is extra than all the introduction’
The monk
The yazeedis carried the top of imam hussain with them,
Once they left the battle of karbala. On their manner, they exceeded
A church. The monk on the church paid the yazeedis ten
Thousand dirhams to hold the top for one night. He washed
The blessed head and kept it on his lap. He made ziyaarat of
Imam hussain’s blessed head the entire night and saw the
Rays of mercy descending upon it. He cried out! O grandson of
The prophet ! You aren’t dead. You are alive. I request that
You undergo witness to what I am saying, and this is, I undergo
Witness that there is none worth of worship but allah, and I
Undergo witness that muhammad  is his servant and
Messenger.” when morning came, the yazeedis reclaimed the
Blessed head of imam hussain from the monk. They additionally
Claimed the ten thousand cash. When they opened the box of
Money, they discovered that the cash had grew to become to portions of clay.
On either aspect of the clay coins were verses of the holy quran
Which reminded the yazeedis of their tyranny.
All people who were liable for the shahaadat of imam
Hussain died very bad deaths. Both shimr and ibn sa’ad
Have been killed. Yazeed died a totally awful loss of life. It is said that he
Continuously remained inebriated and dogs roamed around him. He
Changed into killed by way of a lady whom he tried to damage.
Gems of wisdom
Imam hussain stated the following gem stones of wisdom:
1. When human beings in want come to you, then assume that that is the
Grace of allah and fulfill their needs.
2. One who suggests kindness might be a frontrunner and one who is
Miserly will be disgraced.
Three. Think of splendour and piety as bounties and attempt to
Obtain this very quickly.
Mazaar shareef
There are diverse narrations concerning this, however the maximum
Real narration is that the blessed body of imam hussain
Is buried in karbala and the blessed head of imam hussain
Is buried in jannatul baqi, near imam hassan and bibi
. رضى االله تعالى عنها faatima
May almighty allah bless us with real love for the ahle bait
And we pray that almighty allah lets in us to be risen among
Martyrs on the day of judgement. AameenThe Fear For Allah – islamic Article one