Allah  says
‘O Beloved! They enquire from you in regards to menstruation. You
say, It is an impure thing, so keep away from women during their
menstrual cycles, and do not be intimate with them, until they have
become pure. So, when they have purified themselves, come to them
from where Allah has commanded you to. Verily, Allah loves those
who repent, and those who have purified themselves.’ [Surah 2, Verse
Hadith 1: It is reported in Sahih Muslim on the authority of Anas bin
Maalik that when any Jewish woman would enter into her menstrual cycle, neither would they allow her to eat with them, nor did they keep her with them in their homes. The Sahaba enquired in
this regard from the Prophet , then due to this, Almighty Allah 
revealed the verse ضِيحالْم نِع كنئَلُوسي و [2:222], so the Prophet said,
‘With the exception of having sexual intercourse, do whatever else
you wish.’ When the jews heard of this, they began to say, that he
wishes to do everything contrary to us. Due to this, Usaid bin Hudair
and Ubad bin Bishr عنهما تعالى االله رضى came forth and said, ‘The Jews are
saying such and such a thing, so should we not have intercourse with
them (so that we may act totally against them)?’ The expression on
the Holy Face of Rasoolullah changed to the extent that we
thought that he would become upset at them. The two of them left
and after them, someone sent a gift of milk to Rasoolullah . Huzoor
then sent someone out to summon them, and then fed the milk to
them, so they understood that Huzoor was not displeased with
Hadith 2: It is in Sahih Bukhari that Umm ul Momineen Siddiqa رضى
عنها تعالى االله says, ‘We departed for Hajj, and when we reached ‘Suruf’, my
cycle started, so I began to weep, and Rasoolullah approached me
and said, ‘What has happened, are you in your cycle?’ I replied in the
positive, so he said, ‘This is such a thing which Almighty Allah
has written (i.e. ordained) for the daughters of Adam, so do
everything else which all those in Hajj do, except for the Tawaaf of
the Holy Kaaba.’ She further says, ‘Huzoor sacrificed a cow on
behalf of all his Holy wives.’
Hadith 3: It is reported in Sahih Bukhari that Urwah was asked,
‘Can a female who is in her menstrual cycle serve me, and can an
impure female (Junub) sit close to me? Urwah replied, ‘All this is
easy upon me, and all of them can serve me and there is no objection
to any of them in this regard. Umm ul Momineen A’isha عنها تعالى االله رضى
informed me that she used to comb the sacred hair of Rasoolullah
whilst she was in her cycle, and when Huzoor was in seclusion
(I’tekaf), he would place his head close to her, and she would be
inside her room.’
Hadith 4: It is in Sahih Muslim from Umm ul Momineen Siddiqa رضى
عنها تعالى االله wherein she says, ‘During my cycle, I used to drink water and
then give it to Rasoolullah , so Huzoor used to place his holy
mouth at the spot that my mouth had touched.’
Hadith 5: It is in Sahihain from Umm ul Momineen A’isha Siddiqa
عنها تعالى االله رضى wherein she says, ‘Whilst I would be in my cycle, Huzoor
would keep his sacred head on my lap and recite the Holy Qur’an.’
Hadith 6: It is reported in Sahih Muslim from Umm ul Momineen
Siddiqa عنها تعالى االله رضى wherein she says, ‘Huzoor asked me to stretch out
my hand and pick the Musal’la (prayer mat) from the Musjid, so I
replied by saying that I was in my cycle (menstruating). Huzoor
said, ‘your cycle is not in your hand.’’
Hadith 7: It is reported in Sahihain from Umm ul Momineen
Maymuna عنها تعالى االله رضى wherein she says that Rasoolullah used to pray
his Namaaz in a sheet, a portion of which was on me, and a portion
on him, and I was in my cycle at this time.
Hadith 8: Tirmizi and Ibn Majah report on the authority of Abu
Hurairah that Rasoolullah said, ‘One who has intercourse with a
menstruating female, or has intercourse with a female from her anus,
or one who goes to a fortune teller, he has committed ungratefulness
(i.e. disbelief) of that which has been revealed upon Muhammad ’
Hadith 9: It is in the narration of Razeen that Mu’az ibn Jabl said,
‘Ya Rasool’Allah ! What is Halaal (lawful) upon me from her,
when my wife is menstruating?’ He said, ‘That which is above the
waist-cloth (i.e. above the navel), and to avoid even that, is better.’
Hadith 10: The Ashaab-e-Sunan Arba’a reported on the authority of
Ibn Ab’bas that Rasoolullah said, ‘One who has intercourse with
his wife during her menstrual cycle should give half a dinar in
There is another narration in Tirmizi on the authority of Ibn Ab’bas
which says that, he said, ‘When the blood is red, he should give
1 dinar and when it is yellowish, he should give half a dinar.’
The Insight and Judiciousness regarding Menstruation
It is natural for more blood than is generally required, to be produced
in the body of a female who has reached the age of puberty, so that
this blood may assist in the nourishment of the child, in the condition
of pregnancy, so that this blood may become milk, in the time when
the child is being suckled. If this does not happen, then it will put the
life into jeopardy during pregnancy and during the child’s suckling
This is the reason that a female does not have her menstruation
during pregnancy and in the early stages of breastfeeding. If this
blood does is not discharged from the body in the time when she is
not pregnant or not breastfeeding, then it causes numerous illnesses
to arise.